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Commission: Silver Tongue

A simple commission for :iconthe-bloody-bishop:
A cute clock maker mare.
His Oc is Silver Tongue

btw this is probably the first pony i've ever saw with a normal blaze.

owner description -----------
Fashion, as a certain white unicorn fashionista will tell you, is fickle. What was chic, unique, and magnifique yesterday is dull, common and ugly today. Rare are the fashion statements that last more than a season in Equestria, but those that do grow so accepted by everypony that they become the norm for decades, if not centuries, to come.

Hoof fashion, for instance, has remained consistent throughout Equestria for as long as anypony but Celestia can remember. Most ponies leave the coat hair around their fetlocks untrimmed, so that all but the tip of their hooves are indistinguishable from their legs, leaving little to no color differentiation between their leg and hoof. So long has this practice been carried out that its become a silently accepted practice, its original purpose forgotten in but the oldest tome. Despite otherwise maintaining their manes and coats regularly, most ponies simply fail to trim their hair to their fetlocks.

Those ponies who do trim their fetlock hair are those who must for their occupation and are almost always stallions. Due to the rough and dirty nature of working an apple orchard, Big McIntosh trims his fetlock hair regularly to avoid perpetually muddy hooves. Likewise, Royal Guards trim their hair so their golden hoof-guards fit on smoothly and do not obstruct their hoof movements in combat; His Royal Highness, Prince Shining Armor's visible hooves are a clear indication of this, even though his new status has removed him from active duty. Sometimes, stallions will simply trim their hair to look more roughed, tough, and muscular to pick up mares.

Inversely, mares like Silver Tongue who trim their hair for the reason of practicality are regarded as more masculine or 'tomboys.' Shaping tiny bits of metal into even tinier bits of metal so she can make clockwork gears for watches is difficult enough with hooves, so Silver Tongue regularly trims. When she was still starting out, Silver Tongue quickly learned how much it pinches when hair is caught between two gears and pulled out. That's not to mention the incident with her first soldering iron.The shop smelled of burnt hair and smoke for days! Fortunately, Silver Tongue's social life is already virtually non-existent due to her deformity, so she fails to notice ponies reactions when they see her naked hooves.

Imagine Silver Tongue's reaction then, when somepony complimented her hooves for the first time and made her blush like a schoolyard filly. Oh, such fond memories are those, when Silver Tongue first met her...

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Your style is absolutely beautiful. Especially the eyes. They look wonderful. Great work!
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Silver Tongue has never looked better~<3
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This one is super cute. ^^
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Silver tongue is an amazing name
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I love the way you've drawn the face. it's uber cute :D 
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