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if the magnets are strong enough and he does not lose balance this could work
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Kick Ass joins big  hero 6
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How can something this awesome exist?
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Where does her horn go though? :O
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She doesn't have one; this Tomago's an earth pony.
Does Twilight just have her horn shoved into that helmet?
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Not Twilight. Tomago. Earth pony.
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Bjg Her0 6 meets Kick Ass
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Triple Crossover Achievement UNLOCKED!  900 Gamer-points rewarded!
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For a moment I thought that was Twilight dressed as Tamako. XD
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This is amazing!!! Spike as Kickass and Twilight and Gogo! What an odd and awesome crossover! :la: :la: :la:
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It ain't Twilight, it's a ponified Tomago.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Oh, you're right... that's what it says on the description... but she does look a lot like Twilight :XD:
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Such badass!!!!
Spike can really pull off the Kickass look.
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Whoa, super cool.
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....That is just too badass!
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Kick Ass + Big Hero 6 + My Little Pony... My brain hurts -.-
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