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Commission: Iron within

a commission for :iconsfaccountant:

For his oc-pony
"Gear Works of the Dark Mechanicus, servant to the 38th Company Iron Warriors.
Based on Iron Hearts (fanfic link:…)"

A techno preist pony
More Warhammer-pony related commission :D

Commission : Primarch Rarity by bakki commission: FlutterCurze by bakki

Kiriban Raffle Game OPEN!
The second game from the kiriban

Please read the rules.

 No need to hurry. it's a random game not a race.

So make sure you understand the rules and won't get disqualify.

Some of you got mistaken and post a comment already in the previous journal ..
Well that is alright i guess but you will have to redo that in this journal!

The 2nd Game : Free raffles 


- It will be open from  6th to 19th September. And the lotteries will be drawn on 20th.
- You will  post a single comment here And ONLY ONCE. (more than 1 comment will disqualify you).
->>> The comment must include one (and just only one please) picture from my gallery. Just pick one picture you like from my DA's gallery
           - Other than that you don't need to write any
   << free raffle

commission : open
Commission info (2015) - OPEN

Hey there everyone! Thank you for visiting me. Are you interested in an art commission?
I'm now open again but with some change to my rate.

** The commission price rates here are personal use only. For commercial use or mass printing will be a different price.
Please Read The guideline
Commission Procedure and Guide line
1. you send the details (anything that will help e.g. picture or video references). Please do your best to describe what you want.
- which type of picture you want, full color?  with BG?
- The character you want and important things to include.
- The scenario of the picture. (pin up? normal pose? s)
- what you will/might use it for (for wallpaper? for icon? gift?)
- when do you want it. 
2. we talk, do not send money before I say yes.
3. If I think I can do it then I will make 1-3 very rough drafts. 
4. We talk mor

basic info

Basic Commission chart 2015 (OPEN) by bakki
Image details
Image size
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© 2015 - 2021 bakki
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Cyberpunk ponies are a fantastic idea.
SoupNaziMark2's avatar
You seen that John Blanche piece of the Golden Throne?  The one in the front pages of the 3rd Edition 40K rulebook?  You think you could do anything with that?
NecromancerKing85's avatar
This is incredibly cool :)
templar127's avatar
Ardail's avatar
heck yes! More good 40k and pony stuff is always needed
SFaccountant's avatar
I told you this over the note, of course, but I want it on more public record that you are amazing and this is the best thing ever.
FralLeman's avatar
Knew this was a commission, and who it was for the moment I saw it.

Great work!
All praise Chaos Undivided! 
Omny87's avatar
Hellooooo, new desktop wallpaper!
ScarletLightning565's avatar
Reminds me of Shadowrun Returns.
SFaccountant's avatar
Techpriests would make exquisite riggers and/or deckers.
bugsydor's avatar
I'm actually in the middle of reading book five. Thought I recognized a techpriest pony when I saw it! Looks great.
FuturitsicCrystal's avatar
OMG! I love this pic soo much! I love robots. You did a very great job on this piece of art!
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I can hear the machine spirits voice
TooCliched's avatar
That is one imposing and very scary robot.
SFaccountant's avatar
He's actually a big softie once you get past the razor-edged manipulators and hardened alloy dermal carapace!
TooCliched's avatar
Very deep down like Edward Scissorhands, I hope so!
AshCatArts's avatar
quite the imposing figure 
GeorgeToy's avatar
Whoa that looks so cool, great shading.
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