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Commission: Equestria's Hired help

a commission for :iconwftc141:

the story is about Blitz and Sunset are both mercenaries and smugglers. Blitz mostly does the dangerous work and Sunset is his eyes. Blitz was a former mafia assassin and Sunset was a former analyst of the Equestria Military Intelligence.

havent tried much anthro lately. gotta pratice!
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How intriguing, this whole illustration says:"I am a scrawny insecure 17 year old try-hard brony who has a huge crush on a fictional character and I have created a fursona named Blitz Ranger where I'm a super assassin edgelord Inspired by shadow the hedgehog."

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Bad, bad, bad, bad boys.
Blitz you bastard off my girl! :angry: 
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Blitz: *Pulls out a shotgun* You mean my girl, motherf**ker?
*Unsheathes skyforge steel sword* Shut up both of you or I´ll shout you to death!
*Pulls out an AK-47* You were saying buddy? Plus she is loved by all.
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Sunset: *Pulls out an AA-12* But he's better. Now step down or get laid down, motherf**ker.
Dude seriously chill. Plus I was drunk when I looked over that post. 

*Pulls out Mini-Gun* Also let's not blow things out of proportion. 
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I know. I was messing around and I thought you were too. Sorry.
It's cool. I also checked out your artwork and you got some skills.
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If you mean my posters and sketch arts then thanks. The other arts were commissions I paid for. I don't have skills like they do but I am good at fanfics and random stories (still have trouble with grammar though).
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well someones a lucky dog. or cat as the case may be =P
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is your commission open??
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for that you can note me for details :)
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