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this is totally how Daring Do would seduce somecreature.

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This is like...90 percent of romance fanfics.

I don't get the allure of Foe-shipping.
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The canon Ahuizotl probably WISHES he looked like that. XD
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I like the dress.^^
nmort69's avatar
Alright I think I see some six packs on daring do's body
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yep this is hot and is it only me who invisions a little tickling as one there funn ways of playing when doing this? I mean Ahuizotle has that hand right at her side looking like it's about to grope her and not the breasts either but her tummie >:3]

yiou could say he got the FINAL LAUGH  XD.

Anyways this is abeutiful pick ^^ ^^ love it ^^
GirlyWolfPup's avatar
I want her tummy tickled tickle slave
ReaverPan's avatar
tell me about it :3
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If I didn't tell it before, then I have to do it now - you draw great pictures and even greater bondage-themed pictures! :)
SoupNaziMark2's avatar
Comfy clothes and some light bondage administered by a Hispanic stud?

Could be worse.
star3catcher's avatar
How dare he!

... Oh who am I kidding, I eat this shit up.
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I like his hair. And that's absolutely it. XP
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Now all I need to do is look like Ahuizotl...
BulbaAKABulbasaur's avatar
I kinda like this one, her eyes though, it's like "Oh Ahuizotl, don't tease me and take me"
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Something about Daring's multicolored hair is real attractive.
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Best prize ever !
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Almost Boris Vellejo and yes, I like it.
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lucky guy, she's gorgeous :iconloveloveplz:
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