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I normally don't cheer these things on, but 
Oh yeaaaaaahhhhh!
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That's cute as hell.
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Ah, that lucky bastard. :)
I like Brave Wing's mane.

Ooooh! AJ and Rarity gave this new pony friend of theirs a surprise birthday party for her. That absolutely sounds divine. 
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Threesome Thursdays!
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A sweet birthday surprise indeed! Look at that food! Eh, what's that you say? Oblivious to what?
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Funny how a pony named Brave Wing would be scared of a little kiss...
Very cute drawing too!
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Nice detail on the food 
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Nice work! I would love to be him! :D
Ruhisu's avatar!!!!

Thank you very much! Best birthday gift ever :D
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Hehe this is awesome! :thumbsup:
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*jealousy intensifies*
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q afortunado es ese
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u have two mare for one night :))
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Now that's a nice gift :D
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"Commission always fun"
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