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Commission : A Date with Maud Pie

A commission for :iconblahadon:

Maud Pie: flexing my biceps? 

Maud Pie: ...

Maud Pie: I can do that, if you want me to.


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Commission : A Date with Maud Pie by bakki
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Man, those biceps... They make her hot!

Actually, her EVERYTHING make her hot! Period! :D
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Oh very lovely!!!! <3
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Thank you!! 
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Wow.  That's the most ripped doctorate-holder I've ever seen.
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Lol! thank you1!!! 
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Now that's a good lookin gal!:3
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If she can go bigger.. oh yummy!!:p The thought of her growing even more would be so tempting to even more people to praise her!:3
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I know, right?
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Huh i guess you can say mauds been maudified  
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I like that word, Maudified.
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Please don't crush me.
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wow!These are perhaps for muscles
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This has to be the hottest Maud pic I've ever seen.
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why does this remind me of Dragonball Z 
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........I............I am horrified
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yes please......
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