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Commission: A Daring Proposal 2

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Commission: A Daring Proposal by bakki  << prev

welp, I'm off to an exam. wish me luck
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Rainbow still has not recovered 
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I certainly didn't picture Ahui as the one wearing the dress.
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Well, Romans wore togas, and toga is a sort of dress, somehow, right?
So we might as well say Ahuizotl is a toga-wearing groom. :-)
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Yes I do ship it but I feel this ship started sailing in a really weird direction XD
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And then Daring Do woke up from her bed screaming and sweating.
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As did Ahuizohtl, while Luna laughed her flanks off. XD 
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Power Perversion Potential at its greatest!
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Maybe Daring and Auhizohtl's most recent battle wrecked an ancient Moon temple, and this is her payback?
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Who can say? Maybe she's just doing it for harmless lulz. 

And as an addendum, Princess Luna took the location of Ahuizohtl's hideout from his mind during her prank and calls in her Night Guards to bust in. Probably right after Ahuizotl says something right after waking up that tempted the fates.
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"That fat-flank Princess will PAY for tampering with my dreams! And that dress was TERRIBLE!"
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[Cue the Night Guards crashing in through the windows and doors of his hideout, tackling his hench-ponies down and surrounding him, weapons drawn, before he could react]

[Luna, Princess of the Night and the Empress of the Dreaming herself enter a few moments afterwards, materializing as a piece of the night sky that seemingly detaches itself from the greater whole to morph into her true form. She was in a dress, and she was fuming]

Princess Luna: [Royal Canterlot Voice] "What. Did thou hath saith. About mine PRECIOUS ROYAL DRESS?!" :rage:
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Ahuizothl: :fear: [Looking around at the Night Guards surrounding him, eyes darting between them and the apoplectic Night Alicorn] "Ummm... I-I said i-i-it w-was c-c-cl-lassy and....elegant!"

Minion: [Twitches free of a gag tied on him by the Night Guards] "He said your dress was terrible! And he called your rump big, too!" 

[Ahuizohtl looks at his henchman in utter fury/terror, to which the minion simply sneers]

Minion: "You're THREE WEEKS late on my paycheck!"
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Chill Dashie, You can have Soarn', if he wasn't in love with other pony
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Dash shipped it before it was cool
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Stupid Question: Is Dashie supposed to look like she doesn't like what's going on? Why is this, seeing as when Daring Do said the proposal line in the episode, Dashie grinned as if to say "I'm gonna ship them."

Is this basically a purely fanon thing? If so, I am okay with that, I'm just confused. Sorry to asks this on your drawing, I know it's not my place.
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HA Oh Rainbow Dash xD
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Hilarious!  Love that Dash still has the same expression!  XD
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i know, it's like she froze since that moment and hasn't unfroze since.
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He's... A BRIDE?
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Dashie is still not enjoying it XD
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Bob (Kate): But I can’t run in this frock. You see, I’ve found I actually prefer wearing boys’ clothes.
Lord Flahheart: Weird. I always feel more comfy in a dress!
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