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CM:The former Emperor's Shimmer

a commission for :iconjurneejakes:

Once an agent of evil, Sunset Shimmer has since renounced her old loyalties.

this commission uses a base from a figurine : 
 Mara jade (the bishojo one)

similar to another star wars commission from him
Commission: The Corellian Dash by bakki
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Y'know... Sunset does make a very good Mara Jade. Not bad at all.

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If sunset was in star wars i do see her being something like revan, though she was more selfish when she became a sith. But once redeemed she would have known the darkside maybe even view the force differently much like revan did. He was brough back to the light but he was changed because of it never viewing the force the same as when he was a jedi or a sith

Very Mara Jade reminiscent.

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Damn, that's fucking great. You really nailed the pose. I love well done badass Sunset.

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i saw a recolor with a violet blade a white one would work as well as she was once bathed in darkness, but came again purified into the light
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Why does this make so much sense?! :XD: 
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Sunset makes an incredible Mara Jade :D
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Beautiful! I love the way you udes aspects from her normal outfit to create a jedi-like outfit. Also the lighting is amazingly well done.
Great job! ^^
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This has quickly become one of my favorite renditions of Sunset Shimmer
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my favorite picture of yours !
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I can dig her :3
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