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CM:The Fight for Friendship



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After returning from her adventures in an alternate world of bipedal creatures with 'hands', Twilight struggles with the reality of becoming a princess. And fears that it might be a burden greater than she could bear.

Unbeknownst to her and her friends, a great evil has arrived to the peaceful lands of Equestria. An evil that threatens to wipe out all that they hold dear in this world. And the little ponies will be forced to come to grips with the discovery that they are not alone in the multiverse...

Will the bearers of the Elements of Harmony be able to face this new enemy, or will their circle of friendship be broken... forever?


: Teen : Gore <<--   :)

..now I want to draw some gore..

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Uh....if they are broken...how....wait....what will happen then?....... will the pony/unicorn/pegesas/alicorn species die off?....or...will all of the alicorns from the other universe (aka where Luna and celestia came from) come take over....