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CM: That Flutter in your heart

commission for :iconrandomherox:
I approve of this ship :I
It's flutterdash ofcourse :D
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This is so adorable!
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What's with the "notch" at the bottom of Fluttershy's iris? Does that have some significance in terms of drawing technique?
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I have had this picture on my phone foreverrr and now that I have an account I can favourtie it!!! Heart Love :love:
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All day every day on deck
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wow, u made rainbow dash look really buff here but still cute at the same time... nice
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Background ponies approve.
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And then there's Applejack like "HEY!"
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Simply charming and soft.
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Cutest thing ever...:iconawwwplz:I love it so much!:iconiloveyouplz:
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this is the cutest thing I have ever seen drawn for the mlp fandom. WOW just wow
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This is so lovely!~ :heart:
And cute!! :heart::heart:
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Cute! :D
Awesome job on this!
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aww:) wonderful picture:) so cute and touching.
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Rainbow Dash gets all of the Mane 6.
Colts can eat their hearts out because so long as Dash is in the 6, nopony can get into that love hexagon.
Love hexagon. lol
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