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CM: Don't Cry



another very late Anon commission.

While similar to startrek into the darkness's scene, it not related or a parody.

The situation is unknown, All I was given is that pinkie is dying ;_; and dash is desperate. And a screen cap from startrek movie to use as a guide.

so....I went with some kind of sickness I guess.. and kinda turn out to be similar to some part of S4 walking dead :o 

You can withstand this much blood eh folks?
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"PINKIE!!" She hollers, her hooves flailing at the glass barrier.

"R-Rainbow?" She opens her eyes, to the pained faces of her five friends. "G-Girls?"

"We're here, dear!" Rarity assured, Pinkie's injuries obviously dire.

"G-Gaia," the pink mare coughs up blood, breathing heavily. "safe?"

"Yes," the lavender alicorn nods, tears forming in her eyes. "You did it Pinkie! You saved the planet, all of us!!"

"T-That's good," she smiles, laying her head against the glass. "T-That's very good." Her eyes glance up to her friends, glancing at their dying friend. Rarity held Applejack, who was about to lose another family member; Fluttershy covers her face with her forelegs, bawling loudly. Twilight and Rainbow looks to the mare, tears pouring down their eyes.
"D-Don't cry, guys," she coughs again. "It all turned out okay? Right?"

"R-Right," Twilight nods, as Rainbow's hooves slide down the glass in disbelief. This was no joke, their friend was truly short for this world. "It did."

"Remember," Her eyes close, as her chest stops moving up and down. "Always smile."

The only thing that can be heard was the wailing of Rarity, and Fluttershy. The five mares glanced at the still body of everypony's friend, the Element of Laughter, and the party pony who gave them cheer. Rainbow stomps the ground, shaking her head as she cries "No," repeatedly; Applejack removes her hat, places it on her chest, a sign of mourning. Twilight turns away from the others, who eyes smoldering in violet mist, as well as her horn. Her teeth grits in anger, as her wings flare open.

"STARLIGHT!!" She hollers, taking off away from her grieving friends. "I'LL KILL YOU!! FOR PINKIE, FOR SPIKE!!"