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CM: Cooking Candy

Shadow/Anon commission :O
BonBon and Lyra making some crystal candy.
Apparently they can sell it for really high price.

CM : Candy Is Magic by bakki

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New show
"Breaking Equestria"
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And then the Equestrian DEA busts in. 
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OMG this reminds me of the Studio C parody Fixing Good

Heisenberg :iconsaysplz:I don't make mistakes! My MATH is pure!!!
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Lyra: Yeah! Science, bitch!
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No, BAKING bad, silly!
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donut joe should be gustavo or maybe the sofa and quills guy, wait no it should be mr. cake
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"Lyra, we have to cook!"
I take it BonBon is Walter White and Lyra is Jesse?
Yeah of course, BITCH!!!
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Say my name.

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Even the stuff they smuggle in from the Crystal Empire isn't as pure as those sweets. :)
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Gatorade me, *itch!!!
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:iconpsychoplz::iconsaysplz:kids, want free candy?
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"What's my name?"
"You're god-damn right."
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bonbon we have to cook
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Interesting....they have a candy lab, it might just be crazy enough to work XD
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Breaking Friendship
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This Jesse and Walt, or Jesse and Badger?
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Great crossover.
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This shit is gonna be da bomb… BITCH!
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Humans, bitch!
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