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Bad End AJ

By bakki
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well maybe a bit more on this stuff. I don't think this is everypony's candy but well messing with weird dating sim scenario is kinda fun.

This one...hmm You got caugth two-timing with AJ as the main date? So AJ suggest a little friendly game.
I rather not flood my page with different version of same picture so I will post just one version. and link another to this -->> [link]

I will tag mature this time to be safe. uhh nudity or sexual themes?

Another one 
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She's teaching Twilight a lesson that the next time she cheats on her, she won't miss next time.
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
Will you make an AJ Good End?
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GogglesPizanoProfessional Digital Artist
*pouts* I'd like to see an AJ good ending. Because SOME PONY PEOPLE know better to cheat on the best hot blonde! *glares pointedly a Twilight*
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GogglesPizanoProfessional Digital Artist
What about an AJ good end? MORE SEXAY AJ! XD
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RootBeerAstromancerStudent General Artist
This looks awesome ^ ^
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Twilight: *absolutely terrified* ah-uh-y-y-you know, I-I-I'd like to go home now.
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StarbatHobbyist Digital Artist
I love how there's an apple on her head.  Nice touch.  :D
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AJ gonna take pinkemenas place as the complete psychopath in the series now
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sithwolfHobbyist Writer

Aj: now ya hold still shuga cube I don't want to scar that beautiful face of ya's


Twi: Aj wait this was all a miss understanding Rarity just wanted to show me a design of hers


Aj: so it twas that two timing hussy! Alright den twi i'll let this here knife be judge jury and executioner

if I misss i'll forgive you and well if I hit better than that discord snake in the grass


Twi: wait AJ what if...what if ....


Aj: Don't worry shuga cube let's let love decide your fate.

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Just out of curiosity What are the initials on the tree. I can Twi+, but that's it. 
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Twi + AJ (as in "Applejack")
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ah ok thank you. :)
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Looks like a fun game.
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Love this concept,great job :D Really cool if you did some Appledash :3
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HoneyCrxnchStudent Digital Artist
Oh applejack
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I guess Twilight messed up on the date XD
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plushbrony101Student Digital Artist
I guess so! XD
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DAMN! thats all i can say. DAMN!
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Needs more blood.
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AJ... open relationships... not so much??
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cool and doom
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
She missed. But lol, nice panty shot. :XD:
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Reminds me of an old Garfield Comic.

Apple Jack: don't worry Twilight, I've done this a million times.
Twilight: :phew:
Apple Jack: So logically speaking I'm bound to get it right sooner or later!
Twilight: :sprint:
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