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30 Min challenge : cooking

for my own tumblr
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Oh, if you knew sushi like I knew sushi

Oh Oh Oh what a mare!

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Both should be tied up like this for the rest of their lives

PalominoStallion's avatar
I want to rub her belly so bad...
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You drew this in 30 minutes??  Dude, that's freaking amazing
Disneybrony's avatar
I'm confused, can someone please explain this?
Wierd-Al-Artovich's avatar
Uh.... If you request... well...
In Japan, some high-office executives can purchase a showgirl.... who will come into a room and serve sushi from her stomach.
Of course, they aren't tied down. That was just an oddity of this image.

... they can also buy used (female) underwear from vending machines.... so.... uh.... >.>;;;

MMM yeah you just hit a "WTF Japan" moment.
Disneybrony's avatar
Thanks... I also already knew about the vending machine. WTF?
Eboy4190's avatar
I still can't believe this is a thing
NaClson's avatar
100 bits say I take AJ's place. XD
LittleBronyRu's avatar
да откуда у вас руки та такие золотые что за 30 минут могут нарисовать?
somercet's avatar
This is rather exquisite.
crimsongrain's avatar
Why is Rarity always the dominant one
saxumsando's avatar
 :| (Blank Stare)    oookey
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:iconrarityseesplz: I've always wondered if you actually taste like apples. Let's find out shall we?
schneelocke's avatar
I'm really not sure what to make of this in the context of technicolor ponies of all things, but I do have to give you credit for the sheer amount of raw sensuality that you put into this picture. There's just something about it - the combination of food and a tied-up lover, perhaps - that speaks to the viewer on a deeply visceral level.
TheCawOfCrows's avatar
daaaaaw. kinky. :3
ClickerOfCookies's avatar
Who eats sushi with chopsticks?
ClickerOfCookies's avatar
That's... just wrong, you freak! :P

I'm kidding but it is kinda weird. Sushi is a finger food.
BewitchingBard's avatar
sushi is meant to be eaten with chopsticks as its culture
im offended
ClickerOfCookies's avatar
I'm sorry, but you are wrong. While it's generally acceptable to use chopsticks to eat sushi it is not the proper way to do it.
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