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By Bakke
Pencil + Photoshop CS2.

I wanted to show Voldemort in the battle at the ministry, when he creates the shield to protect himself from Dumbledore's mega-spell.
Anyway,you can set this Voldemort where you prefer, even in your bathroom!
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Total Sorcery'N'Sword!
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Great dynamics and movement on this it!
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ma che bello questo mi mancava

beddo beddo
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Grassie :D

Il tuo logo resta il più bello di DA però :asd:
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This is so cool! I love his hands!
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Niiiice ! thanks for the note ^^
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Grazie! Pensate che ce l'ho in cantiere da gennaio, l'ho colorato solo ora :D

@Chiramu: thanks! :D
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Bello! Mi piace davvero, l'effetto magico, la posa, le mani...fantastico.
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Mi piace molto il design che hai usato per Voldemort, è diverso da quello che si vede di solito in giro, e secondo me molto più adatto. :)
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It looks awesome :), in the book I found it a bit hard to imagine what Voldie's shield looked like (I thought it was a normal looking shield just in front of him ;P). I do like your illustrated version though :). The magic-ness is very cool. And I do like how you didn't make Voldie too ugly :), but he does look so cool :D.
Sorry for not giving you much of a critique, but I really do think it looks cool :aww:.
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Ah, Chiramu, yes, in my mind it is exactly the shield that voldemort used in that occasion! :)
I'm happy you recognized it! :D
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I'm not sure I want old Voldy watching me pee! :)
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Ahah, you can let him watch somebody else :D
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