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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

youtube Icon by Sunnybrook1Youtube Instagram New Icon by poserfanInstagram

Hey! Nice to meet you C: My name is Francisca.
I'm Portuguese but living in Sweden :3
I'm a digital illustrator and portrait artist that draws for fun ♥

I also like to play video games, watch series,
baking, gymnastics, lifting weights and archery~

I've worked on Pewduckpie 2 :3
If you are interested you can
play it on newgrounds!


:iconrequestsonhold: :iconrequestsonhold: :iconrequestsonhold:
For more info check this journal :3


Quote: Don't let reality ruin everything~

:iconrainbowsheep2: ~♪♫~


Hello everyone how have you all been?

I feel so bad right now.. It has been so long since I've showed any signs of life here on deviantart.. I'm sorry guys! I wasn't doing very well during the time when I last uploaded and some of you probably noticed. But I'm back now, and this time I have a goal and I'm feeling good! I don't want this to get super personal, but in case you are interested, you can check my last instagram post to understand it better:

I've also shared a "Life Update" kind of video today, in case you want to watch: 

I will not be taking requests (for now), but I will be finishing the ones that I kept on hold ALL THIS TIME! Sorry guys.. ;-;

Thank you for reading and for staying with me after all this time!
I really appreciate you!
Hello everyone!

My last open slot for a request was filled today! So I will close the requests for this year and maybe the next one, but we never know, I may open them again c: 

I think I will be interested in doing some trades or collabs next year, but I will post here when I get time for those. Right now, I must finish the requests I have in hands! :3 Sorry for the long wait to those who requested, I've been having a lot of Christmas stuff to do these past weeks and today was also my birthday so I'm sorry for only writing now.. :/

Hope all of you have an amazing week! <3
And the slot I had for today is taken! I will contact the person that got it soon! If you want a free request, your last chance is on Sunday, December 3. I will close the requests after that day, but I may do some giveaways! :3 And don't forget you guys, that you have to contact me after midnight on my timezone! I feel so bad to deny some people that contact me after midnight, but on their timezone :'c So they always come too late.. ;^; And I know how much they tried to get in time... I wish I could draw for all of you! D':
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: REQUESTS 
Check my status for updated info! Thank you!

For those asking, I usually choose the first 4 people requesting as soon as I open the requests (on the days below). Just to be fair, I don't put people in a waiting list (you can't ask for a request on another day besides the ones on the list), because the list would get to big and I could even forget or lose track of all of them after a month. Sorry :c
For FAQ check below!

And just so you know, the quality of these requests are not going to be like paid commissions. I opened these requests to practice, but of course I'm going to try to give you something nice anyways x3

:bulletpurple: So here are the days when you can ask for a request (read FAQ for more info):
(Basically every first Sunday of each month I will open 4 slots, but I will leave the dates here to make it easier. And my time zone is Central European Time Zone)
- Sunday, March 5 (full)
- Sunday, April 2 (full)
- Sunday, May 7 (full)
- Sunday, June 4 (full)
Summer break in July (info below)
- Sunday, August 6 (On this day I only have 2 slots free, because I've been sick and have requests left to finish. Sorry :/) (full)
- Sunday, September 3 (full)

On these next 3 months I'm just going to accept one request each month. I'm sorry ;-; I explain why on my status [link]
- Sunday, October 1 (full)
- Sunday, November 5 (full)
- Sunday, December 3 (full)

On Sunday, July 2, I do not accept requests, but on Sunday, August 6 everything goes back to normal!

:bulletpurple: Requests that I'm currently working on:
( if you want to be anonymous just let me know c: )
- Dinobolt6 (done)
- PricillaTamayo (working on)
- ChadWDaddy
- MagicPixelWonderland

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: FAQ 

Q: Are you accepting requests?
A: Yes, but just 4 per month. When the 4 slots are full I put the requests on hold and only open them again one month later.

Q: Are requests open?
A: Requests are always on hold, for me to be able to finish the ones I already have. They only open on the days I mentioned above until all the slots are taken.

Q: Can I have a request?
A: Unless you are asking this on the days I open the requests, the answer will probably be no. I only accept requests if asked on the days I open them. Try to be fast and ask as soon as they open (days above). The way I choose to select the requests is by order: the first 4 peopple to contact me on those days get the requests.

Q: Can I request anything?
A: Yes, but just one character max and keep it pg 13. And I'm not super comfortable drawing animals and creatures, but if you want one I can try ofc :3

Q: Do you do a waiting list for requests?
A: No. To be fair, I give everyone a chance to get a request on the days mentioned above and as soon as the 4 slots are full, I close the requests for a month. And I also do it this way because, otherwise, it would become a mess with all the messages and comments here and there xD Like this, everything is organized and decided in one day C: And I also don't have much time, so it's easier for me :/

And if you don't manage to get a request, try again the next month! I will be doing this for a while, I think! xD

I hope you understand and thank you for reading! :3
If you have any other questions, just comment bellow or send me a note! c:

youtube Icon Youtube  Instagram New Icon Instagram Facebook Facebook Society 6 Icon Society6


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Ohh you are so sweet! Later than me you aren't haha xD Sorry for just answering now.. Thank you for commenting! :'D
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ah, well i had to make late reply but thank you, sweetie. oh i know you love that totoro icon i just did. oh, speaking of miyazaki, i think there are new animes from studio ghibli coming up and the movies are now on shout! factory. out of all of them, my favorites are naussicaa of the valley of the wind and the cat returns and the retro classic castle in the sky. but i mostly love valley of the wind cause it is full of action and it looks cool and ahead of it's time and princess mononoke is so beautiful. ponyo is more for kids but then again most of the ghibli movies are beautiful and not violent or pervy, still, next to gainax who did FLCL, they are my favorite anime studio.
bAkiKA Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I know! I'm gonna watch the new one on the cinema when it comes out! :D
I like all Studio Ghibli movies, but the ones from Miyazaki are the best ones!
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