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Added to Patreon this week:

- THE FUZZY PRINCESS in Kat’s Night Out pages 28-30
- ASK A CAT 9/30 (Sacrifices)

Become a Patreon supporter today! Anyone who pledges $5 or more can get a free sticker!
Decided to try selling original comic art. I have a few up for sale here! If anyone has specific "A Witch Named Koko" or "Ask a Cat" strips they'd like to own, let me know and I'll see if they're available!

I’ll be at Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival this weekend (June 16-17) in Michigan! You can find me at table 23.

In addition, I’ll be taking part in a couple of Quick Draw! panels:

  • Sat. June 16, 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm: Downtown Library 1st Floor – All Ages (with Madeline Zuluaga)
  • Sun. June 17, 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm: Vault of Midnight (219 S. Main St ) – All Ages (with Ali Cantarella)

See you there!

Oh hey, finally got my first con appearance for 2018! Hopefully more will follow:

Saturday, April 7C2E2 in Chicago, IL – Will be at the National Cartoonists Society booth #441 on 1-4pm!

With the paperback books in full swing, I’m in the process of liquidating what I have left of the old, individual "Fuzzy Princess" issues. So I’m selling them off for $1 each! Yes, you heard it right!

You can order them through my store right now! But hurry, there are limited number of copies and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Issue #2 is already sold out, for example.……………
Heads up, I'm going to send the book files to the printer next week, so now's a good time to pre-order! Intending to get the books shipped out as soon as I get them back, which should be in the last week of Feb/first week of March.

Book Cover 2 by bakertoons

Pre-order here!

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered so far!

Solicitations for SpongeBob Comics #79 came out. I wrote the main story, loosely inspired by my experience doing editorial cartoons when I was in college. I’m very happy with how that story came out, so please check it out this April, available wherever comics are sold!

I'm still taking pre-orders for The Fuzzy Princess Volume 2. Will be shipping it out by March! Pre-order here.

I am now opening up pre-orders for The Fuzzy Princess Volume 2!

This cool cat is on a roll in her second book! Join Princess Kat on a voyage of self-discovery, as she explores her new talents such as: Urban exploration! Crimefighting! Attempting to make Christmas dinner! Surviving a surprise visit! Babysitting! And enduring Kuma’s slam poetry! It’s all here, and so much more.

The Fuzzy Princess Vol. 2 PRE-ORDER OPEN by bakertoons

This 176-page book collects five full-length stories, plus several smaller comics, cover gallery, and early development sketches.

Will ship out on the first week of March. Pre-order now to guarantee that you get it first!

To place an order, click here.

If you would like to get the first “Fuzzy Princess” book together as a set, you can do so by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting that you want the first volume together as well.

Hey folks!

So for those who are involved in the furry community, just a reminder that the Ursa Major Awards are now accepting nominations! Basically, from now until February 15, 2018, you can suggest your favorite works from 2017 for nomination consideration, with the winners to be announced in May at FurDU 2018.

That includes comics as well. If you want to nominate something I worked on, I have a couple of comics you can suggest:

For Anthropomorphic Graphic Story, I have "The Fuzzy Princess" (, Jan 2-Dec 29, 2017)

For Anthropomorphic Comic Strip. I have "Ask a Cat" (, Jan 1-Dec 31, 2017)

There you go! And, of course, there are many other terrific anthro comics from 2017 that you can show support as well. Now go vote, and thank you!…
Thank You by bakertoons

Out of the blue, I received a Free Core Membership. Just want to say a quick "THANKS" to whoever sent one my way!
The free shipping for the "Ask a Cat" and "The Fuzzy Princess" books ends tonight at midnight CST! If you want it arrive by Christmas, there's still time!

LAST DAY - Free shipping on the paperbacks! by bakertoons

Shop here!

Note that I only have 5 copies of "The Fuzzy Princess" books left. I will order more copies, but they won't arrive until after the Holidays. First come first served!
Reminder that the Free Shipping sale ends this Sunday (the 10th).

Free shipping on books! by bakertoons

Order in the next 1 hour (3PM ET) and I'll get it shipped today!…
Heads up that I'm still offering free US shipping for both "Ask a Cat" and "The Fuzzy Princess" paperbacks on my shop! Will sign copies on all orders.

This lasts until December 11, so order now!

Free shipping on books! by bakertoons
Literally a Princess by bakertoons

It’s National Princess Day, according to Twitter. Needless to say, Katrina is all over it.

You can order signed copies of the first volume through my store.

It’s also available on Amazon as well.

Just want to thank everyone who came to see me at Small Press Expo! The trip was a blast, met a lot of great people, some old friends, and sold a bunch of books!

To those who wern’t able to get signed copies of my books, I’m also going to do a special sale: for the rest of September, if you buy one or both of my paperback books (The Fuzzy Princess Vol. 1 and Ask a Cat), I’m including a free copy of The Ghost Cat mini-comic!

Remember, you only have until September 30 to take this special offer, so hurry!
Will be driving to Small Press Expo starting today. It's a long drive from Tennessee to Maryland.

If you're in the area, be sure to stop by! I'll be at booth K9-B
The Fuzzy Princess No. 2 (Coming Soon) by bakertoons

Heads up, I only have one copy of The Fuzzy Princess #2 comic book left. Once it's gone, it's gone! So if you want it, now's a time to buy it.
Pages 11-14 of "A Fuzzy Christmas" are on Patreon!…………
This is neat! Bleeding Cool reviewed "Ask a Cat". Read it here
Added pages 9 and 10 to "A Fuzzy Christmas" for Patreon backers……