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Growing Pains: final animation

[edit 2/6/05]

Dear people! The work is done! Growing pains is finished! Download the animation here: [link]

Make sure you crack up the vollume, my sounddesigners spend weeks making the sound believable. :)


Good evening!

It's been quite a while that I've posted something on DA due to my hectic situation (Writing a paper, searching for an internship, animating my ass off) but I think to tonight the time is ripe to let my dear DA readers in on the process of my current animation.

What you see here above you is the closing shot of my animation I have spend the last four nights on a row on. Why so much work on one shot? One because it's important to finish off the story (the tree gets outgrown by buildings which form in the end another tree) and second because any excuse to work on an escapist science fiction scene is a valid one to me. ;)

Anyway, on what I want your opinion on is not the silent still image above, but the animated camera test of this elaborate scene which you can download here: [link]

It's the most complicated shot I have ever done in After Effects and I'm curious to know what you people think of it.
As you might have spotted, there is no sound yet, that’ll be an interesting job for the sound designers assigned to my project to come up with the coming weeks, so stay tuned for further developments. :)

[edit] I had a change of heart and thought this image is quite a suitable wallpaper. So I changed the directory and uploaded a larger version. :)
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Hi :wave: I featured this here - [link] I hope thats ok ^_^ :D
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link is broken....
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hi there :wave:
your beautiful deviation has been featured in our trees club's journal [link] :heart:
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oh my forking god!!! 's amazing :wow:
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wow ! this is a very creative work... and the video is fantastic ! :clap:
you should put the link to youtube in your description comment ^^
thanks for sharing :hug:
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Looks totally... un-flat. :o
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It has been found from the word : "TREE/s " :devart:

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image doesn't show for some reason
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My goodness this is so awesome! :omfg:
I just saw the video and i think you are one of the greatest artists i have seen on dA! :love:
The whole gallery is awesome!:gallery:
You have a great fantasy! :#1:

I wish i could be as great as you one day! :faint:
*adds to deviantwatch like the wind! :+devwatch:

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Hmm for some reason the link to the video does not work. I'm not sure what to do
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No Worries, I placed it on YouTube: [link]

enjoy. :)
The link don't work :cry:
Where can I find the animation ?
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Sorry for the delay. ;)
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how come the links don't work >_<
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hey man the link dosent work? i really wanna watch the animtion looks amazing
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Hmz... The link to the video is broken
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this is so awsome! i love science fiction
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this is so awsome! i love science fiction
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You have some imagination man. This is incredible, even if it is a bit rough upon close inspection. You really pulled off the transparent globe effect well.
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Hey, it's a still out of an animation, it's not supposed to be looked upon that closely, but yeah, it kinda begs for more detail does it?
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Well, if you went back in and worked it more, then I think it would come out incredible. I remember another of your pieces, some purple cavern (I forget the name). But Everywhere you can see to what extent you were working on resolution-wise. It was really incredible. :)
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animation doesn't work...
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