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January 18, 2005
Capital Cavern by ~Bakenius

This is one of those pictures that make fantasy and dreams come alive. It has so much depth and details; it depicts one of those places that one would love to run away to if they could.
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Capital Cavern

Good day dear fellow Deviants! At last I finished the re-imaging of my old oekaki 'The Tiny Cavern Castle' [link]

The low-tech little castle has been replaced for a high-tech metropolis inhabited by millions of individuals, but yet the structure of the old oekaki basically remains the same. :)

I strongly advise you to look at the full view, since you haven't really seen this piece yet if you judge by the preview, there is a world of detail to get lost in. At least I hope you will all experience it that way. It's all about creating wild and wondrous worlds that look a bit different as the usual sci-fi landscapes look and feel like. I think I succeeded pretty well, well worth my Christmas holiday. ;)

Original oekaki: 400x300 px, Shi-Painter, about an hour of work
Re-imaging: 4500x3375 px, Photoshop 7, about two weeks of work

For the digital painters in the audience: yes, it looks so soft around the edges because I’m such a nutcase that I painted the whole damn thing with the airbrush tool set at a 20% flow. I like the fluffy dreamlike quality that it gives to a piece. Especially when set to a colour theme like this.

Oh well, enjoy! :)

[edit 10-01]

On request here are some of the details in close up (1024x768):

The Capital of Refinement: [link]

The Settlement at the foot of the Swirly Mountains: [link]

Fuchsia Downtown, Westwing: [link]

Fuchsia Downtown, Eastwing: [link]
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I literally just scream "holyyyy f****ccck!" in my head! This is just...stunning! Like, wow.. I just can''s SOOOO pretty! It's like a future city/alien-like place but surrounded my hills/mountains, possibly actually underground but in a snowy area! The you got the main huge city ahead that possibly leads to the outside world where that huge amount of light is coming through!! I just, this is literally breathtaking! I love my fantasy/ sci-fi art but THIS....*sigh* Wow...
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unhappily, someone stole your artwork:…
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More awesome!!
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This is amazing!
Zireael07's avatar
.. and the links to the close-ups don't work...
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wow this is so dreamy.. I wish i could live there forever
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dude, you should go work for bungie or something
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I was browsing through Wallpaper Abyss the other day and saw this piece, and remembered that I had favourited this long ago.


Just thought I'd mention it in case you didn't like your work being spread around and edited, but if you added it yourself then sorry for bothering you! (I had this problem once before where I warned someone their work had been spread only to be told it had been done by them under a new name.)
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Ugh. Not liking this. :(

I don't mind my work being spread (otherwise it's wise not to post it on DA) but altering without my permission is not. I wasn't asked, and don't approve of this - it's used without my consent. Not sure what I can do about it though...

Anyway, thanks for letting me know.
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Your name is there as an author at least :(

It seems like the best thing to do would be to register an account so you can either comment or send a private message to the user. Anyways good luck :(
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This is absolutely stunning *_________________*
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I adore your work in this realm, and the bunnies and animals! Love love love![link]
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Thank you! :) I'll think you'll might like what I have in the works to be released on the internets in the next month or so. I'm trying to capture and reframe all the different 'worlds' I put in the DA work the last decade in one big piece...
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Wow, I'm really impressed. That Wallpaper looks really awesome. *O*
I like the colour and the atmosphere. :D
There is so much to see in there.
It's just fantastic!
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Oh my god this is wonderful. For a moment when I was looking at the buildings at the bottom, I almost felt like I was actually there. You sir have succeeded at what you set out to do. And you have done it phenomenally.
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this is so pretty
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