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My Bio
I'm a full-time visual think-along-er.
I'm a part-time art director, concept artist, storyboard artist, character animator and (children) illustrator with a fondness for bright 'n' happy themes in creative projects of choice.

Favourite Visual Artist
Dominique Louis, James Gurney, Eric Tan
Favourite Movies
The Incredibles, The Social Network, Lost in Translation, Spirited Away
Favourite TV Shows
Breaking Bad, Community
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
From Squarepusher to Frank Sinatra
Favourite Games
Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
Other Interests
art, animation, comics, fantasy, the universe, filosophy, etc etc
Hey guys, what's up? I made a post. Not doing that much these days around here, because... I don't know, most personal stuff I have to shown are quick drawings and sketches. They seem somehow not 'appropriate' of DeviantArt, which seems more geared t...
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Hello to whoever still actively follows me (even it are just 3 of my 3000+ watchers ;)) Yeah, I'm not much around on DA... I wished they made it easier to view the art of the people I follow here, in a tumblr / facebook kind of newsfeed, I don't fancy clicking endless tumbnails much. :( Oh well. I'm still here. Still drawing, still animating. I'm doing a lot of creative work with educational partners lately, of which I can sadly show very little up here. But who knows what I'll be up to next year. Oh, I illustrated my first official children's book this year... it'll be out somewhere in spring I hope, I'll let you know. I renewed my DA sub
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Hi DA peeps! Just a quick note to let know you can now also follow me on Facebook by liking this page: It would be great if you decide to follow me there as well, because I'm able to show more professional work over there then I can on DA because of policy. :) Have a nice day everyone! :D
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Um hi im so sorry to bother you but I saw your stained glass work of garnet from Steven universe on a Facebook page, and they posted a link to sell it as a poster, I just wanna know if you are aware of this…
Again im sorry to bother you 
Hey! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your work, but I just want to say I absolutely love your background works - the colours, shapes, and attention to detail is astounding. Also read some of your blog posts, interesting! :D 
Did you ever complete your Rapa Nui animation project?
Hi! It lifts my spirits when someone cares enough to ask about this. :) But no, I haven't completed my Rapa Nui animation... It was something I started fresh out of art school without much notion on proper script writing nor producing, so after 7 months of working nights and weekends along an agency job I had produced a 21 min length moving storyboard but no clue how to go on from there so it stalled. Then I shortly got sucked into commercial projects, which was great to develop more as an artist. For instance I'm currently working as lead background art supervisor for a new animated series (it's details still under NDA until release end of the year) 

But the good news is that an Dutch production house picked up the project for creative redevelopment now with proper screenwriting and budgeting adding a writer and co-director to the mix so I can focus more on production design / visual side of the storytelling I feel more comfortable with. So hopefully Rapa Nui will be a proper animation production in the near future. Exciting times. :D Thanks for the interest!
I'm glad to hear the project is still alive. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Did you see the little cartoony Moais in my gallery?…  Drew those years ago, just playing around.

I've made "regular" ceramic Moai Tiki mugs, but not a cartoony one yet--- maybe one of these days.

Thanks for the watch and faves. I added you to my watch list, also. It's always fun to see what other art fellow animation professionals do besides animation art.

ik moet zeggen dat je hele mooie dingen maakt!
zo zou ik ook wel willen tekenen ;3