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" Screentone is a technique for applying textures and shades to drawings, used as an alternative to hatching. In the conventional process, patterns are transferred
to paper from preprinted sheets, but the technique is also simulated in computer graphics. It is also known by the common brand names Zip-A-Tone (1937, now defunct),
Chart-Pak (1949), and Letratone (1966, from Letraset).

A traditional screentone sheet consists of a flexible transparent backing, the printed texture, and a wax adhesive layer. The sheet is applied to the paper, adhesive down,
and rubbed with a stylus on the backing side. The backing is then peeled off, leaving the ink adhered to the paper where pressure was applied.A screentone saves an artist's
time by allowing quick application of textures to line art where a hand-shaded area would not be reproduced in a timely or acceptable manner. Much like halftone, the size
and spacing of black dots, lines, or hatches determine how light or dark an area will appear. Visual artists need to take into account how much an image will be reduced
when prepared for publication when choosing the pitch of a screentone.

Screentones can also be layered to produce interference patterns such as moire effects, or to simulate multiple sources of shadow in an image. Different styles of
screentone exist, variously intended to depict clothing, clouds, emotions, backgrounds, gradients and even objects such as trees. While the sheets are most commonly
produced with black ink, there are also varieties in solid and patterned colors.Screentones can also be modified by lightly scratching the backing with an X-Acto blade
to produce starbursts and other special effects.

Screentones are widely used by illustrators and artists, especially for cartoons and advertising. Use of the original medium has been declining since the advent of graphics
software and desktop publishing, but it is still used, for example, by some Japanese Manga authors (Deleter and Maxon are common names within this specialty).
While computer graphics software provides a variety of alternatives to screentone, its appearance is still frequently simulated, to achieve consistency with earlier
work or avoid the stereotypical appearance of computer-generated images. It is sometimes accomplished by scanning actual screentone sheets, but original
vector or bitmap screen patterns are also used. "

Wikipedia original context:…


1st choice: Manga Studio and Manga Studio ex

Manga Studio is aimed at designers manga. The interface of Manga Studio is located in the line of Illustrator. The software multiplies the tool palettes.
He offers many features: management layers, converting bitmap drawings in vector mode, multiple tools, brushes or effects, a wide selection of
models of pages, and several features to work faster (scripts, use of several instances of the same design ...)

:bulletwhite: Manga Studio ($) >…

:bulletwhite: Resources for Manga Studio >…

:bulletwhite:  Create your screentones with Manga Studio :bulletwhite:

realize pattern in MangaStudio by bakenekogirl


2nd choice: Buy on internet.

:bulletwhite: Letraset Manga ($) >

This is an ideal introduction for Screentone novices! CD and print.

:bulletwhite: ($) >…

:bulletwhite: AKA ($) >…

There are plenty of other ...


3rd choice : Free on internet.



Pixia, the original Japanese Edition was created and developed by the author, Isao Maruoka, but has also been aggressively raised by its fans,
which makes this software to be quite unique and different from other tools.

:bulletwhite: Pixia >

Texture Processor is a program for creating various textures. He allows to get practically unlimited quantity of complex textures.

:bulletwhite: Texture Processor >…


The links below include free screentone, but the use of some requires a permit!

:bulletwhite: In DA >…

:bulletred: NEW > FS-XXVII a very good stock - :iconfs-xxvii: >…

:iconscreentones: >

:iconshimmen-iero: >…

:iconnirakone: >…

:iconkyouyatsu: >… and >…

:icontrashpandadeluxe: >…

:iconamegoddess: >…

:iconskybase: >…

:iconwyldflowa: >…

:iconcospigeon: >…

:icondebh945: >…


:bulletwhite: >…

:bulletwhite: Aya's tone book >

:bulletwhite: Screentones >…

:bulletwhite: Computer screentones >…

:bulletwhite: Japenese Tones >…

:bulletwhite: SCOF Kurse >…

:bulletwhite: Fillamanga >…

:bulletwhite: Milano Aoyama >…

:bulletwhite: Photoshop patterns >…

:bulletwhite: Yokohama Patterns >…

:bulletwhite: Screen Tones >…

:bulletwhite: Screentones Depot >…




4th choice: Create your screentone.

:bulletwhite: the white ink

Create your screentone

Create your screentone

:bulletwhite: Painting Pad

step 1

step 2

step 3

With a little imagination you can find it! There are also a lot of tutorial on the Internet:

:bulletwhite: In DA >…

:bulletwhite: In Google >…

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