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: [ White lovers ] BNHA OC :

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- this post is sheduled 'cause I don't visit dA much -
Ok well first of all you should blame Zinerya  , ahomomio and Shalissey_n for this.
I had wedding sketch for a looong time, like a year maybe? Not sure.
But I always try to figure out how I would like to see my ship, which outfits, which location ( designs etc ). I wasn't totally sure so I not finished it.
But recently got spontaneous quesion from Zinerya and came back in my mind to this old sketch. There is a long story about how I came up to re-drawing old sketch and finally figure out what I would like to see, but as you see I finished it in the end :D 

Eijiro and Yomi got married quite early, around their 20-21. They're both belong to that kind of people who wouldn't actually date with someone without any serious intentions so... For them it was like a logical step of relationships development ? Also it's probably the first non-chibi stuff where I draw Eijiro and Yomi almost kissing...During 2 years of existing of the ship. And it's wedding picture...So much symbolism?  ( -out of sudden- ) 
Anyway I'm sure they were happy having white+red wedding theme. Classic but Yomi's fav color is white while Eijiro's is obviously red so XD
P.S. Got a lot of inspiration from GACKT - White lovers - song ;-;

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BNHA, Kirishima Eijirou (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Oshiro Yomi and the artwork (c) me 
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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Amazing OC x Canon wedding drawing!


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I freakin love these balls-a-sunshine

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Awww thank u so much >W<

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This is soooooo adorable. I love this ship

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I ship I ship ISHIP I SHIP!

They're so beautiful! Such a lovely compesition.

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Omg ty so much <3

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Best boi deserves this happiness

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Totally agree with you >u<

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Please do a wedding ych. 😂 I would love to see my babies on their wedding days. And one for my friend too. 😂

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Thank you but I don't think I will ^^' At least each canon character should have adult appearance version for me to draw them and making adult concepts takes a ton of time which I cannot spend on ychs.

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That's completely fair.

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omg thats sooo cutee

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OMG... My OTP for life! This is so beautiful, Yomi is such a stunning bride and Kirishima looks so happy! :heart:

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Haaaaan, this is so romantic! So beautiful! Nice job! <3 I love the ambiance very much!

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So beautiful and romantic!

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This makes me ship it even more 👏😤
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This is beautiful a lovely white wedding <333

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they're so cute!💕
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I've been looking back at this piece of art all day at diff intervals and it just amazes me how beautiful it it is every single time. Truly, this wedding piece is breathtaking. Amazing baka :heart: I'm not sure if you plan on doing one but a proposal piece would be so exciting to see!

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