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: [ Walk in the park ] BNHA OC :

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-sheduled post-
Continue working on sketches I drew some time before :) Kirishima fam with their first son Raiken on the walk in the park ;w; ( Part of this thing was shown in insta stories with Pokemon evolution XD). Raiken is around 9-10 months y.o, here. 
( Eijiro and Yomi are still not completely understand what is it - to be parents, so probably they look happier than they should be 😆 )

I'm more active on insta 

BNHA, Kirishima Eijirou (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Kirishima (Oshiro) Yomi, Kirishima Raiken and the artwork (c) me 
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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Gosh Yomi is so gorgeous!! What a cute family, and amazing art as always !

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Your art is so adorable I can’t take it AAAAA-

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Aw my favorite little family, looking so adorable!! :heart:

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awww:aww: soooo adorable!!!

beautiful work!

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Haaan, they look amazing!! Such a beautiful family, I love their smiles. >w<

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Merveilleux, j'adore !! <3

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Ahhhh adorable!!! I love it!!!✨🌈💜
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A beautiful baby boy!

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Awww, such a cute family! :meow: :heart:

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Looks like Eyeris has some competition...xD
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Ahhh I love them so much!! They’re so adorable!! And Raiken is so cuut!! oh my gosh I love his hair!!

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What a nice looking family! Great poses and nice close-up. Very well-detailed. The eyes, the hair, and the face overall look so much like the anime. Great work making this!

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Sooooooooo Cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!💗

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Kirishima belongs to bakugo

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It's called a fan made ship.

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Just like the creator doesn't care that you like kiribaku.

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Im happy that this ship will never become canon.

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Fun fact mate: Kirishima and Bakugo are just best friends, they help each othet through ruff times aswell and bakugo only shows his kindess to kirishima.

And please stop hating on people who ship their oc's with a canon character.

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What ship? You mean how Kohei just made kirishima and bakugou best friends.

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Please do not send hate to any Oc Ships.

Anyone can ship anyone aslong it isn't something damaging

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