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: [ Vampires ] BNHA OC :

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Thought for a long time if there is any sense to post this on dA...Well, let's give it a chance 'v'

Oh, once again this time of year when I draw smth related to 'Dance of The Vampires' lol
Well, it's like the 4th time when I draw smth related to this musical? Or 5th? QvQ'I'm in loooove with it, 'Endless appetite' is still one of songs which inspires me like ALL TIME. Also I admire a lot our russian actor for Count Von Krolock - Ivan Ozhogin. So I often randomly draw stmth related to my fav musicals and my main ship for few years XD This small thing is a redraw of previous april's drawing ( 2019 ). Actually I never expected it was that bad before re-drew it lol
Honestly they don't fit roles much but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I couldn't resist.


BNHA, Kirishima Eijirou (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Oshiro Yomi and the artwork (c) me 

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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Your welcome ^^

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Well, looks like I love vampires now

Honestly tho, this looks so legit - well done!

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I have not heard of Dance of the Vampires but I love anything vampire related X3 This is cute the costumes :3

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This looks legit
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Yomi looks so beautiful! :love:

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This looks amazing, I love, they're so beautiful! Love their expressions. ^^

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oh my:la: This is soooo wonderful!!

fantastic work!

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Looking at this magnificent drawing made me imagine a phantom of the opera version of these epic characters
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Happy to see someone have a appreciation for musicals! I like where this went

I am more of classical music person myself, but I do enjoy a good musical. Need to go to those more often

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ohhh so gorgeous!! Yomi looks so gorgeous, I especially like her hair!!

Vampires are super cool, they're probably one of my favorite monsters, and I think your designs for them both are super cool!!

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yet again, you're still amazing in replicating the art style, im jelly! they're very wonderful~

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