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For a long time I was going to tell a bit about Yomi's past ( 'cause okay I still not ready to translate the whole backstory she has ) and here are bits of info!

Very few people were able to read her backstory ( 'cause it's in russian only ) but she has 2 best friends. Amedama sisters ( Kanagi and Kanade, they're non-identical twins ) are Yomi's friends since her 5 y.o. They're very close to each other, they grew up together and overcame a lot of difficulties together ( with Yomi's sister Saya, they were like 4 friends ) 

Kanagi ( one with pink hair ) has very many similarities with Ebi, starting from appearance and ending up with personality. actually it's one of reasons why Yomi was okay with Ebi alsmost from the beggining and why they're so good friend  
However Yomi and Kanagi got a lot of issues with Kanade some time before Yomi entered U.A., so their relationships will continue development according to Bnha plot line.

I guess I'll upload their refs soon, but they're much more like side characters so they don't have much info!

BNHA (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Oshiro  Yomi, Amedama Kanagi, Amedama Kanade and the artwork (c) me 
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HOW ADORABLE <33333 I've really missed your art!
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Haaaan, that's a nice drawing, I love their big smiles!
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aww:love: Lovely!!
beautiful scene:3
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I love Kanade's design! I hope we see more of these two in the future. :) 
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Aw they are so cute! :love:
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oooh they all look awesome!! I'm excited to learn about them!!
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These three have such great looking designs, especially Kanade, characters with any type of quirk (Mutant, emitter, transformation) that alters their physical appearance are the ones I find most interesting, so I created my OC with an altered appearance. Anyway, can't wait to see more of Yomi, Kirishima and other characters you put them with, amazing work.Love 
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lookit these three cuties!
goddamnit why are all your ocs so cute? 
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This is amazing :D

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