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!WARNING! Description may contain spoilers for Ayakashi Gohan ( otome game ) plot.

"Maybe our chance to be together is waiting us... In the next life?" (c)

Well... Actually I rare show on public anything related to my otome games fancharacters, mostly 'cause not sure if there is any sense to do it? I don't have many tbh, for past 5 years I can name probably 5-7I guess. They're related to the games which broke my heart a lot and well let's be honest, it mostly look like this CQ5l1VfW8AAtq8Y by bakawomans  ) 
As I wrote in one of my earlier status posts - this game broke my mind during installation process, I spent like 12 hours for it ( dunno actually why it was so bad >< ). But finally I can say it worths the result ? For now Ayakashi Gohan is probably one of my favourite otome games, despite of being so sad Love quality in sadness in otome  HONEYBEE IS THE BEST STUDIO FOR SAD GAMES < /small> 
Each character is lovely, even non-romantic interests BUT GIN, TSUZURI AND INUSHIMA TWINS BROKE MY HEAAAART AAAAA
*cries over Yomi*
*cries over Uta*
I need to stop sobbing as an idiot

What's about the drawing... It's related to the main game plot line featuring magical sakura. Inushima Uta and my girl ( who is the crane bird ayakashi, her last name is Tsuruhashi which means crane bird bridge, still not sure about first name so don't wanna add it here ) despite of the fact that they're both ayakashi that doesn't mean being together is so simple. Blossoming sakura means that time is over and no one can be sure about what will happen next time. And the worst nightmare they're living have a chance to become a sweet dream. Maybe...One day.

If someone would like to look at opening:…

Now playing the 2nd game, Okawari one and alkssjlahdlajksa[sp;ldkl

Ayakashi Gohan, Inushima Uta (c) Honeybee
Crane bird girl and the artwork (c) me
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My god, this is sooo sweet, I love it!
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I legit thought that was kiri for a minute- but I love this piece of art 🙏👀
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I try to get out of my mutism (?) caused by laziness to comment on this masterpiece that has kidnapped my heart in every single pixel. Mary, sweetie... how can you churn out such a bomb? I mean, look at it! Look at the magnificence of your own art! * O *

Unfortunately I don't know the game so I can't comment specifically on the situation, so I'll just rely on your words - I'm sorry so I can't go into detail ; v ;
But one thing I know: for them that's not a goodbye, it's a see you later... maybe it will not be the next day, maybe it will take the years but sooner or later they can be together ; //v// ;

First of all, I love colors, warm and peaceful, they immediately instill a sense of romance in the piece =//w//=
Uta's smile and the way he takes your girl's face in his hands is very sweet. And the way she looks at him and puts her hand on his... wàààà! >//////<
Among other things, the difference in the size of the hands is lovely, a detail that precisely make us understand the delicacy even in small gestures of their relationship <3
As usual you are a teacher in portraying the interactions between the characters, they are always natural *^*

The coloring style then takes my breath away! It's vibrant, alive and simply sublime! I can immediately understand the soft movement of your girl's hair moved by the wind, the fluidity of them - among other things, that tuft that falls on her forehead is very cute! >w<
All the folds of your OC jacket are magnificent! In short, there are so many noteworthy details that I am not sure what to list, to say precisely what I like best ; // v// ;

The magical sakura, while being in the background, stands out in its imposing, embracing Uta and your OC with its petals. And they dragged soft by the wind frame everything with an incredible delicacy giving the atmosphere a touch of magic <3

I hope to see other pieces of art related to your precious bean and his beloved, I'm always curious about your OCs in general! <3
But with those that come from the otome games I think you know how to bring out just that little bit more that you empathize the observer with the scene ;// ;
And yes, I haven't forgotten about Mairan and your KamiAso fandom girls either! <33
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This is beautiful! :love:
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Y’all I want the link to this game now XD
But either way this looks so amazing and you’d style looks really good! ❤️❤️
Melydias's avatar

WOW THIS IS SUPER COOL!!! :heart: And I hope you feel better! I read the situation you had, I really really really hope you're OK now! ;u;

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I know nothing about this game but they look really pretty! I like this style it looks nice ;w; <3
Zinerya's avatar
Uhhhh! It is soooooo goooood!
Saw the preview on IG and I'm so happy you share it with us. It is so beautiful. So warm. So romantic. I fall for it. Even I sadly don't now anything of the game. ;w;

Love how you shade it! The time you spend into this drawing is so worth. Idk what my favorite part could be because everything looks stunning! Don't know but you use a different kind of shading? It has a painting style somehow and it goes so perfectly into each other. The characters. The cherry tree and the background. >v<
And I fall for your girl. She is such a beauty! *^*

I really hope that this game gets enough attention for a translation? Hopefully because it sounds so interesting qwq
And I'm curious about your other otome Ocs and where they belong to T^T

Great work dear. It is stunning! ❤️
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