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: [ Kirishima family outside ] BNHA OC :

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-sheduled post-

[ All stuff here is drawn by me, including bg and all characters. Pls don't use my art  in any way, shape or form. ty ]

The most popular insta voting idea was about picnic, so as you see it's a family picnic pic 😆

Finally, almost 2 years after they were created I made enough good art piece for to introduce EijiYomi's twins ^^
( Let's imagine they left newborn Mikan and older son Raiken to their granpas and grandmas. Each kid needs enough attention ( for to exclude jealousy and such ) so they spend time with not all of their children from time to time )

I came up with twins names a looong time ago, but I was suffering between two variants. However now I can say their names are:
Kirishima Rintaro ( the one which Yomi holds )
His name consists of kanji :藺 ( rin-rush ) 太 ( ta-great,big) + 郎 ( ro-son ). It hints on his personality, he's not that much active as his twin brother but he can rushes spontaneously 😆
and Kirishima Kentaro ( the one which tried to catch cherry which Eijiro holds ).
His name consists of kanji : 健 (ken- robust) and the same kanji as his twin brother has - 太 ( ta-great,big) + 郎 ( ro-son ).
It attends to some health problems he had when he was born so his parents wanted to give him name which will let him be as much healthy as possible.

Also he has 2 nicknames for close people and family - Captain Bite ( 'cause he LOVES bite someone ) and Coconut ( his quirk is almost the same as Eijiro's and he got used to jump on people from bookcases and other high places. It can be...Quite painful 😆 )

I'm more active on insta ( bakawomans
You may follow me on patreon:


BNHA, Kirishima Eijirou (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Kirishima (Oshiro) Yomi + kids and the artwork (c) me 
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bakawomans = will there be a birth story for their children?

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I'm a bit unsure what do you mean xD What is 'a birth story'?

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The birth of their children.

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I wonder what types of quirks they would have?

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Aw my favorite family!! :heart:

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Haaaan, such a happy family, I love them! <3

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This is so cute!!
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Yes this beautiful 💗💗💗💗
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Such a adorable family
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oml I love them so much, they're all so precious!! The boys are so adorable Pink Heart Icon

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they're so cute! :) all of the EjiYomi kids are adorable, and it's good to have the names for all four Kirishima children. :)

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omg:aww: this is soooo adorable!!!

beautiful scene:3

love the fact that in your storyline even as adult, Eijiro still dyes his hair :D

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I kind of imagined Kiri having a huge mane of hair when he got older

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OMG MY HEART! They’re so cute~ I want doing background like you, you’re so good!

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Awesome piece :D

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