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: [ Hawks ] BNHA redraw :

By bakawomans
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Well, I'm still sick and my state doesn't let me draw as much as I want but I just... Couldn't ignore my friend XD She was so upset about difference between manga frame and anime one, 'cause she likes Hawks and I couldn't see her so upset about it ;; *I_know_that_feel_bro.jpg*
So I made a fast redraw! I've tried to mix anime manner of drawing Hawks and manga frame traits ;w;
Hope it looks good enough ^^

Bnha, Hawks (c) Horikoshi Kouhei
Bg (c) Bones studio
Redraw - me
Original anime frame: Hawks Original by bakawomans
Original manga frame:  2-i4ugkrdz8 by bakawomans
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Why is he so adorable

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I think your Version of this looks a bit better than what he and his Angle looked at the Anime ; ) well done.

* Bright side Hawks * = Lets get all along together! Hey! Want to know my favourite Restaurant and Food and Stuff? "

* Dark side Hawks * = Don't move and better let me arrest You ... ... * deadly Glare * ... OR ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!
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this is a major improvement, hawks deserved better
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That's pretty cool!
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Aw this version is my fav!
I like how his head is rounder, it makes me wanna squish his chubby lil cheeks OwO
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This is a fantastic redraw!!! You really have Horikoshi's style mastered beautifully. And he looks super handsome here too, love it Heart Love 
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sooo wonderful!!
it looks really like canon screenshot:3
great work! ^^
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HAWKS!! :love: He looks fantastic in your style :love: I actually decided to pair my Saori with Hawks instead of Tamaki after seeing him in the anime Muaha  
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not to be that one person but I didnt see much difference and everyone on twitter was giving so much hate for how they 'ruined the show' and 'it was awful how could they do this to hawks'. The animation was clean and idk rlly what was so terrible ; _ ; the animation studio is doing their best and they have strict timelines to adhere to. Compared to black clover the animation is amazing in bnha and its a bit rude for people to viciously attack the company and others over this. I think it was just a bit over exaggerated? ^^
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My boy Hawks finally animated! <3

This is a good redraw!

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I think he’s the ua traitor because in the manga he killed Best Jeanist
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- dont spoil things for others on random
- its not confirmed
- you obviously are not caught up with current manga otherwise you wouldnt say this
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I can't see the difference between the manga and the anime version of Hawks, but oh well. I still love it.

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Omg, when you put it like this I almost feel guilty about pouring my upsets about it on you XD BUT I DEFINITELY FEEL BETTER NOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING HAWKS SOME JUSTICE. 
No, seriously, it is amazing, but I've already told you that XD
Thank you for being so sensitive for my upsets and for this wonderful redraw! <3
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ahh  i love this <3 hawks is such a precious boye <333
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This is much better! This is so much better! I hope you feel better
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