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: [ Happy birthday sunshine! ] BNHA OC :

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-sheduled post-
[ All stuff here is drawn by me, including bg and all characters. Pls don't use/trace my art in any way, shape or form, ty. ]

Today is a special day for me - the birthday of Kirishima Eijirou ( which he shares with Tetsutetsu so happy birthday to this sweet cupcake too ).
This character is very important for me, I won't tell much personal stuff but he is a constant inspiration for me, as well as always make me smile and happy. Eijiro is truly a beautiful character in each of his traits or details of design. ( I need to stop talking about this right now in other case I'll continue for hours ). His personality is pure gold too. I'm happy to see his personality development, how he grows up and becoming a hero he always wanted to be. I'm proud of him so much.
He's definitely №1 character for me from My Hero Academia.
Happy birthday for this sweet sunshine, our 'personality of pure gold' shark boy.
Happy birthday Eiji from Yomi and from me as well!

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Aaaah It’s so cute! :)

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How you draw so Smoothly and the quality so Mwah* Perfect
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Aw so sweet! :heart:

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Haaan this is very cute, I can't imagine Kirishima being with someone else than Yomi, they're too pure for this world!

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awww:love: This is soooo adorable!!!

beautiful work:3

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They are adorable <33

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glad to see new art from you! It's always wonderful when you find inspiration or connection in a character. It always makes me happy to see.

Happy birthday, Kirishima. Yomi has the best present ever I'm sure; her love <3

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aww this is adorable! Great job with the art bte! uwu

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Awww!! So adorable!! >w<

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Kirishima's happy face is everything!!! I'm sure he's delighted not only for the gift but also because Yomi gave it to him. What a sweet scene, perfect for his birthday Heart

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