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: [ Grades ] BNHA OC :

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Well, I always wanna draw more stuff related to Yomi's ( and my other OC's ) everyday life, moments and such. So I gonna try to do it XD

As it was mentioned before - Fumikage is one of her close friends ( despite of an obvious difference between their personalities XD ). And... Okay, let's admit - but Yomi isn't the smartest person XD She isn't dumb but her grades are medium. She's number 12 in 1-A. Her reaction on this screenshot  is related to activity of her other classmates, who has worse grades XD ( Mina vs Denki dramatical fight, round 1 )
She doesn't make drama about anyone's grades so she barely can understand why they suffer so much XD

Like...Grades are just grades, right?

BNHA, Tokoyami Fumikage (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Oshiro  Yomi and the artwork (c) me 
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
Trying to be active in insta too ;w;'  instagram
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© 2019 - 2021 bakawomans
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Hello can I use my art for my story? I was looking for an art of Tokoyami with a female. I will make sure to credit you and mention you in my story so that my readers will check out your amazing art. I’ll also mention, since I am using it for Tokoyami, that the oc is originally for Kirishima. And if you don’t mind, I was going to edit the hair color and eyes to match the person in the story. ~thank you and great artwork btw <3 you have an amazing talent! If you‘re not keen to the idea, it’s okay because I know how it feels, as someone who also draw but suck at digital, but anyways, keep up the good work :3

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I'm sorry but no, this art was made for my personal OC and my story so I cannot give you the permission to use this. Thank you!
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Okay, thank you! I’m glad I asked permission because I know artworks are really an important parts of artists. Anyways, I like your art! It looks really convincing 😩. As someone who aspired to do art (I gave up though because I had too much on my plate especially with the course I took), I love it! Oh and sorry if I ever annoyed you with my question.

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I ship mineta and the green haird pussy

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That’s kinda rude, no?

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Yomi my lovely child kaomoji set 1 9/19
I absolutely adore her confused expression, it´s such a nice change from her usual smiling face not that I don´t love her smile, it´s so precious
This totally looks like an actual screenshot, the BnHA style is so on point, the background is so well done and the font could be official <3
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Ha ha, they look awesome! You draw Tokoyami so well, he's handsome! And your girl is so cute!
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Love her expression!x3

She is basically me in school x3

But it looks exactly like in the anime! Amazing job dear x3
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Awwww I love the interaction you make between this two !! :3 ❤💕❤💕💕❤❤
Yomi is just a beautiful queen of beauty !! OwQ
She is so pureeee TwT
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Howd you edit the text like that? Is there a template?
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It's mostly handrawn text ;v; I wasn't able to find quite similar font 'v'
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Ohh thats cool
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Give me more of my two fav characters in a pic yes, I'm taling about ma bird boy and Yomi, I wanna see more interaction! ;//A//;
Love it way too much, why you do that to my heart? :heart:
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I could die for Yomi. How can she be so sweet. ;A;
For real. I love it how you draw her here. Her facial expression is pure gold ♥
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Yomi is so cute here! I love how you drew her expression :love:
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Wow that looks really nice ^^
I also like her attitude with the grades haha ^^
I also like the rank, he fits in with her attitude ^^
(My Main BNHA OC has the 7th rank)
Beautiful screenshot in any case, I'm looking forward to more ^^
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We would all look at them that way. Let's just admit it.
And yes, Yomi is just charming. Seriously, I love this girl so much
9aEXwWeaqOA by ahomomio   K7Lzg63NCSk by ahomomio   euOgNr4TmBE by ahomomio   a9RH gIOzJ4 by ahomomio   7KPavdGH1oI by ahomomio  
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