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: [ Camping trip: Open collab ] BNHA OC :

By bakawomans
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I'm trying to keep here some activity even if I'm much more active on insta now.

So gonna shedule some posts from time to time! And this one is one of them.
My 2nd open collab featuring Eijiro and Yomi ^^

Camping trip! Eijiro, Yomi and your ship/your OCs who're friends/ your OC are on camping in mountains!
Rules are in txt file in archive as well, but I add them here too:

1) This is OPEN collab, so you don't have to ask me about if you can participate!
2) NO SEPARATE PERSONAL USE. You cannot use part of this collab as personal art and claim it as your own.
3) STRICTLY FORBIDDEN: No changes/edits/whatever for Eijiro and Yomi part. You cannot change that piece in any way, adding your character, removing/editing Yomi or whatever. Pls pay attention to it. You have to respect the effort I put into drawing my characters and ships.
4) No double-characters ( for Kirishima ) 'cause it'll looks strange I guess So sorry!
5) Any gender. You may: use base or not use base and draw your own piece, as well as use only female/male base and/or change gender of base.
6) Backpacks are removable in case you wanna draw your own. Pls pay attention it's camping so it should be somewhat like camping backpacks, not school/regular ones.
7) You have to credit me if you post it somewhere. My dA, twitter and insta accs share the same nickname - bakawomans

Hope you'll have some fun ^w^ 

BNHA, Kirishima Eijirou (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Oshiro Yomi and the artwork (c) me 
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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Dame por favor imagen open collab !
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I wish I could but my art style SUCKS......................T-T

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if i could draw id do this-

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heres mine i hope its ok i used bakugo ;-;

Bakuwomans:open collab //
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can we put a boy we like in bnha with our oc?

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Hmm for some reason it won't let me download it :/

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Bakawomans: Open collab

Here's mine!! This was really fun to work with. Thank you for letting me use it!

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Haaaan, that's a very nice idea for a collab. ^^

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I would do it, but the problem is that I do Traditional art, so this could be a problem

xXSnowQueensXx's avatar

it not work for me ( psd )and i wish to do this collab with u now

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it saved as a RAR file for me when I downloaded it. You can google a file converter.

I converted it to a .zip file and then unzipped it. The files inside are .psd :)

I hope this helps!

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Hewo MY friend wanna download the file where it?

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done and i will wait for u now and zip now

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(Open collab) Camping Trip

I did it !! I posted it on Insta too, though I don't think you saw it but it's okay !

It was a really fun collab !

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I love it! :heart: I'll totally do it when I have some free time :la:

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I'd love to do this

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If I could draw, I'd definitely do this one! :love:
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Honestly same.I'm talentless XD

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You and me both then XD
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