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: [ All Might's test ] BNHA OC :

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I made sketch for this one a long time ago, approx at previous spring and I've planned to add it with journal post about Yomi's preferences in food ( people who read thing I get used to write under drawings know that I guess? xD ) but I'M SLOW *sad music on bg*

So here is only this screenshot.
All Might was the first person whom she offered food ( in U.A. ) so we can call him her first 'victim' omg.

poor Toshimori, you need to be strong in front of your students
Deku is watching too

BNHA, Tokoyami Fumikage and All Might ( Toshinori Yagi ) (c) Horikoshi Kouhei 
Oshiro Yomi and the artwork (c) me 
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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© 2020 - 2021 bakawomans
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*Aizawa and Recovery Girl*


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Ha ha ha, poor Toshinori! XD I love my crow-babe expression, very nice!
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Thanks a lot ^^
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YEAH sorry Toshinoriii
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are you doing commissions at the moment?
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Hello! Nop, sorry ;v;
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Poor All Might he already had his stomach reconstructed he doesnt need it to happen again XD
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Omg totally agree XD
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i think its grapes

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Hahah, maybe XD With some salty stuff :'D
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Poor All Might, he just can´t say no to that adorable face

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Thanks a lot >w< Yepp, he's weak when it comes to his students XD
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awesome screenshot!
this atmosphere and shading... perfect!
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That’s fantastic XD
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Thank you >w< 
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This is too funny :XD: Well it's the thought that counts! :love:
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Thank you dear >w<
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How can you make all these shots very accurate, yet so adorable?!?!~~
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