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: PixelSupportStamp Eijiro x Yomi : BNHA OC :



Hi guys! Unexpectedly I was need to spent around $160 which wasn't placed in my regular bills so I need to earn around $160 as fast as I can >< I can offer 7 slots for 200x200 bnha icons for 2 characters ( anime examples below ) made in anime or manga style ( manga examples below ) wich cost $20-25 per each. ( Solo/couple/2 friends - up to you ) I also can try with other anime styles but that will cost more. I won't draw aged up bnha characters in these comms. Rules and exceptions are here: Anime examples: \removed for exclude stealing/tracing 'cause all slots are taken\ Manga examples (compilation, each frame will be charged separately ): \removed for exclude stealing/tracing 'cause all slots are taken\ No for battle scenes and such difficult things, yes - for everything more or less similar ( I mean the difficulty of drawing process ) to examples. All of them will be drawn during 7-8 days ( I continue to work on regular comms

Autumn auction ( BNHA ) closed

Autumn auction ( BNHA ) closed

Hi guys! I was thinking about this for some time already ;v; Wanna draw smth autumn-related. 1 of 2 slots here is not available in regular commission, so don't miss your chance XD IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY RIGHT NOW. PAYMENT NEED TO BE SENT DURING 30 DAYS AFTER WINNING AUCTION. Turnaround time - Oct -Nov ( may be Dec if you'll pay late, around 20-30 days after winning auction ) AUCTION RULES: AS USUAL - you need to check my TERMS OF SERVICE and EXCEPTION LIST first. If you decide to participate in this auction it means you automatically agree with them. Please add Hero or civilian name of canon character you wanna get in case if you wanna get any, I need to be sure you've read my exception list. EXCLUDED CHARACTERS ( in addition to the list of exceptions ) : Endeavor. Questionable : Hawks, Aizawa, other adult heroes ( may need extra fee, depends of details ) ALSO EXCLUDING : guro, necro, some other fetishes, much blood and/or violence and open demonstrations of
Got some mood for ref sheets, but a bit tired of drawing it for my OCs XD People who reserved this type are put off their slots for some time, so if there is someone who would like to commission 1 ref sheet ( tulip or daisy, no matter ) pls let me k

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[CM] Bakawomans Mini Chibi-Couple by KamisAdopts
Sorry I accidentally added my comment in the regular comment thing😅 but I have two questions, one are your commisons still open, and two what are your commison prices?

Hello! Np, anyway I don't visit dA much since Eclipse. Talking about your questions - now they're closed, but I open few slots/ychs/auctions from time to time. And what's about the prices - I have the regular price list, however it's quite old, I can show you but I plan to update it anytime soon.

I love your art, its amazing!

your art is so stunning! beautiful work.

hey! i have a couple questions about the commission,

to start off with, are you still doing the commissions? if yes than here's question two, could i have one and send you the details and give you points for whichever, question 3 how much is a full body picture? that was the last question, lol, thanks!


Nope sorry, I open them quite rare, so u need to be attentive if you wanna be in time and get a slot. Plus I don't accept points for regular art.

What's about other styles - I'm not sure I'll open commissions for them anytime soon, but for bnha each fullbody ( for regular artworks, not for refs ) costs from $40 to $50