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United States

Artist and Raven fan!
If you have any requests, DM my twitter account or my tumblr request account:

Rules of requests:
Please bear in mind that I may be slow with requests
I will not draw NSFW, Romantic OTPs or NSFW
You are not required to tip me when requesting~

Rule for me:

I will not post your work as something that I can make profit off of! (post on patreon, etsy etc.)
Have fun sending requests to me!


Knight Emperor-Rathalos, because he's annoying and won't fuck off out of the air/ fuck his counter passive
Rune Master- Lunastra, both are more passive and grounded
Immortal-Dreadking Rathalos because he's the darker and edgier version of the shounen MC, also annoying and won't fuck off with his leg wound and bleed

Aether Sage- Eruzerion
Oz Sorcerer- Dread Queen Rathian, dark and edgy and drops fart bombs too
Metamorphy- what monster looks like a magical girl tho

Day Breaker-Legiana because very elegant attacks, very "light"/weightless yet aggressive
Anemos-White Gale Nargacuga, a very up close and personal wind pased Narga

Furious Blade-Silverwind Nargacuga, very different from White Gale Nargacuga, both utilize shockwaves in there attacks, inflict bleed status can be up close and personal
Rage Hearts- Nergigante Highly aggressive, if you hit him it just makes him even more mad, lots of up close attacks
Nova Imperator-Valfalk/Valstrax Overheat strategy, can manipulate their blade/wing to increase damage

Code Esencia- Atlal Ka both are girls who can engineer things to do shit for them because why not
Code Ultimate- Harudomegeru can create weapons from thing air
Code Sariel-Toridcless

Comet Crusader- Silver Ridge Gammoth both are tanky motherfuckers that hit like a god damn bus that was late for school drop offs
Fatal Phantom-tba
Centurion- Bazelgeuse not matter where you are, no matter what part of the map you're in those fuckers are always there to fuck with you in pvp/hunts no matter how much shit you throw a them

Apsara-Mizutsune utilizes dragon arts, graceful, pretty
Devi- Stygian Zinogre, both use balls and teabag the hell out of you, heavy hitting
Shakti- Odogaron, more close to animal like attacks revolving around claws that are up close and personal

Empire Sword- Rajang both have a lot of attacks that involve tremors, Gorilla Master
Flame Lord-Teostram would have been lunastra but Teostra and Flame lord are very aggressive and up close
Bloody Queen-Vall Hazak they're both 80% dead and suck the life energy of bystanders to recover HP

Doom Bringer- tba
Mad Paradox-Gore Magala both are the living symbols of depression and it hurt my heart organ

Diangelion-Xeno Jii'va

Tempest Burster-tba
Black Massacre- Armor Shredder Ceanataur, you done fucked if she has wind element up your ass and you're dead with crit damage increase
Minerva-Blue Thunderlord Astalos
Prime Operater-tba

Richter-Shagaru Magala
Bluhen-Chaotic Gore magala, honestly I never realized how colorful and I guess more highly reactive this monster is compared to the other Magalas
Herrscher- Gogmazios
  • Playing: Elsword
  • Eating: Tiki Masala
  • Drinking: water
I may cut this one off a little earlier than usual because I need a nap, but I'll still stream at 2PM

Today's stream is going to be one of the Eve class, so go vote now before the stream starts…
  • Playing: Elsword
  • Eating: Hotpockets


I guess I'm at that point again where I'm just having a hard time drawing....
Someone mail me new earphones, specifically noise canceling ones lol
Here's the speed paint video for Furious Blade and Rage Hearts


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