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Drow Ranger

Personal work, hope you like it.
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Do you allow me to share on facebook? Of course I will credit and link back to you
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of course! many thanks for this =)
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Thank you as well and you're welcome :)
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hmm, drow, panther, ranger, epic bow with magic.. Add two scimitars and you got yourself a gender swapped Drizzt Do'Urden.
very nice tho
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Good shot! maybe shes name is Briza! but shes not hunter...anyway, i love Drizzit yeah but hes not better than Thranduil :D
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oh hell he is. Drizzt is pure of hearth, that's why hight fights so well, Thranduil is a little bit corrupted/tainted. Drizzt has no greed, he desires nothing but peace and his friends (I mean he left multiple dragon treasurers untouched, except for one or two items), Thranduil would sacrifices all of his army for some dwarven gold. And would it come to single combat, drizzt would destroy thranduil if he had to :)
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I think the situation is different...
Thranduil is a king ...Drizzt is just a lonely ranger.
Thranduil responsible for his own people but Drizzt has only one tiger!
Thranduil is very experienced and older, Drizzt just a child =)
and of course this dwarven gold is not a ordinary and belong to elves
Tolkien > Salvatore =)
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Tolkien > Salvatore agreed,
and comparing two different things, agreed (but you compared them in the first place ;))
but I still think that drizzt is better (and he is not lonely, not at all, and although he is just a child he knows more of the current state his world and societies on it than thranduil of middle earth and its societies, because thrnaduil basically isolated his kingdom from the rest of the world).

but Drizzt > Legolas *grabs popcorn*
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Hmmm ''drizzt > legolas'' ...mayyybeee youre right! haha
but of course i disagree you about Thranduil as you know.
all middle earth elves are already living as isolated, from rest of the world since second age. Lothlorien elves too (of course at the middle earth)
and he protects own elves from war. as i said he is a king. coz mirkwood is more important than anything else
so im fan of the wood elves and drows are our enemy! except for Drizzt. He can come to our holy mirkwood =) 
and u?
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hahah, I, nah, I am not pure enough. :)
and I don't need your holy mirkwood, I'll build my own one, with blackjack and hookers :P
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I love this piece... The panther of course is amazing... but the blurred lines give movement to an otherwise still piece, the way you managed to give her eyes expression but still managed to make them glow, and the tiny sparkles in the glow coming from the ends of the bow... just magnificent :D
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ahah thanks! ure right!
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Absolutely stunning artwork! Amazing job! :)
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That panther looks terrifying. Well done!
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actually loyal and pretty pet =) thank you!
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Not a fan of the drow but that big cat is both handsome and frightening :)
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Nice work of the elf and her companion! :) <3
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haha! very nice message from you again master =) thank you very much.
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