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Genius Hanamichi! Slam Dunk by vaxzone Genius Hanamichi! Slam Dunk :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 306 48 Uta by kohakunoyume Uta :iconkohakunoyume:kohakunoyume 652 71 Tato Tuts- Components of GestureDrawing by ThirdPotato Tato Tuts- Components of GestureDrawing :iconthirdpotato:ThirdPotato 1,220 76 wow by EmiMG wow :iconemimg:EmiMG 86 16 Attack On Titan Meme by CharlotteSketches Attack On Titan Meme :iconcharlottesketches:CharlotteSketches 95 13 Attack on Titan Meme by Drakithu Attack on Titan Meme :icondrakithu:Drakithu 125 122 Attack on Titan OC Meme by Ever-Fallen Attack on Titan OC Meme :iconever-fallen:Ever-Fallen 167 28 TUTORIAL: Texture_Color Theory by JaziSnake TUTORIAL: Texture_Color Theory :iconjazisnake:JaziSnake 2,600 128 It's a Tree by D-e-n-a It's a Tree :icond-e-n-a:D-e-n-a 66 6 Your Country Needs You by mocha-san Your Country Needs You :iconmocha-san:mocha-san 147 100 MSpaint Pixel Tutorial by mocha-san MSpaint Pixel Tutorial :iconmocha-san:mocha-san 1,403 47
How to get started with Pixel Art
Lately I have frequently been asked what programs I use for pixeling and/or animating and also in general how I go about it. Now I currently don't have the time to create a tutorial of my own but I figured until I will be able to do so I could at least give you some helpful tips and link you to some tutorials made by others. :)
:bulletwhite: About the programs I use :bulletwhite:
I do pretty much all the pixeling itself in Photoshop Elements 8.0 which sadly enough isn't free. But don't worry, in general photshop is even a little overpowered for pixel art, I simply use it because I am most used to it.
Technically you can even use Microsoft Paint for pixeling, after all the only two things you really need to be able to create pixel art is a pen tool and the ability to zoom in far enough. The only real disadvantage about Paint is the lack of transparency support so you can only create pixels with an opaque background.
However I can offer you a really great third optio
:iconvalasedai:ValaSedai 575 115
Ichigopan Fanart by Sonikkufreak Ichigopan Fanart :iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 8 1
Creepypasta: Hetalia Theory: Sweden
[Now read it here in Swedish! Translated by ShizukaWorld]
[Now read it here in German! Translated by alltimeOpheliac]
Berwald ripped a sheet a paper off his locker, barely glancing at it. He crumpled it in his hand. On the paper was written in thick black letters, “gay fagget”.
He was used to this though, as horrible as this seemed. The others at his school were never fond of him. No one ever talked to him, unless they were insulting the boy. Again, he was used to this. He knew he was unusually tall and open about topics, which the others took advantage of. One would have thought with age, this problem would have gotten easier for Berwald.
But it didn’t.
Now in his senior year of hig
:iconserenedash:SereneDash 456 181
Creepypasta: Hetalia Theory: North Italy
[Read along here on YouTube! Reading done by angelhalo777]
[Now translated into German here! Done by alltimeOpheliac]
[Now translated into Spanish here! Done by Pinkieshy345]
“Ciao!” Feliciano waved happily at his friend.
He smiled and waved back before turning around and walking down the small Venice sidewalk. Feliciano sighed, his smile slowly fading. He had just spent the whole day with his friends. That’s how he spent most days. He had a nice care free life. But it wasn’t all perfect, no life was.
He then continued the other way down the narrow road to his home. He shoved his hands i
:iconserenedash:SereneDash 515 190
Creepypasta: Hetalia Theory: China
[Now translated into German here! Done by alltimeOpheliac]
Yao stumbled through the crowded kitchen at the greasy restaurant he worked at. He was carrying about five woks he had just cleaned and they were heavy for someone as young as him. He pushed through men and set the woks down on the counter with much effort.
Yao was currently working at a local restaurant to help support his family. The man who had hired him liked him better than other children who wanted the job. He was strong and he could pay him little because of his age, a mere eleven years old.
Usually by his age he would’ve been sent to school but his family didn’t have the money, so he was stuck working. He didn’t mind it that much. The restaurant was much nicer than the other places he had worked in. At least he wasn’t out in fields harvesting
:iconserenedash:SereneDash 444 81


WARNING! THE CONTENTS ARE SO DISTURBING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! The first paragraph is not that disturbing though...

My first kiss was stolen by my grandma! Yeah, it happened in a nice hot summer... I don't know how did this happen but our lips smacked when we greeted each other =.=" 

I think I'm in love with a straight girl but I'm not really sure... I hope it's just a strong type of admiration.

My stomach hurts like hell because of stomach acid reflux which cause me an awful heartburn.

My hair is falling... ALL THE TIME!

Mom doesn't buy Oreo biscuits anymore... which makes me sad.

I wonder how my dear friend Amirah is doing in heaven...

One of my teachers is being a REAL bitch, the other is being a douche bag, and the rest are just pure evil...


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