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final tattoo design .Breakaway

By bakaikarus
so this is my final design for my friend's butterfly tattoo =]
it's meant to incorporate a bit of music as well like how the tails have bass clefs at the end of them & the song inside the actual wings is Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, specifically the 'I'll spread my wings & I'll learn how to fly' line

Here's what it looks like on her (bad camera quality): [link]
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Hello Bakaikarus, your art work is very impressive, have you every thought about a carrer in tattooing? We at the Master Tattoo Institute can make this possible. We would like to offer you a special offer from the school because of your artistic ability, if this is sounds like something you could be interested in give us a call at (888-227-9442), or check out our website
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 Bass heavy, Love it! :D
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So. Preeeeeeeeeety! :D
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I really love this! you should make me one! lol..... please?
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haha if you want!
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Can I use this for a character of mine?
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Go ahead :) can I see it when you finish it?
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Gorgeous!! I love it, what a cool tattoo! :D
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oh my gosh i love it!!!
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I'd love to use this, or a variation on it, one day, if I may?
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for sure, go ahead =]
It`s great, thanks!
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haha you're welcome?
usually im quite opposed to butterfly tattoos but this is really quite beautiful. id love to see the outcome on skin.
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i was hoping to make it different =] it turned out quite pretty, i haven't got a picture of it on my friend's skin though, i should probably get one
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I was hoping to use a spinoff of this idea for a tattoo of a friend of mine's. Would this be OK? I just had a major brainwave when I looked at this.
Story: She asked for a design for a bit of a particular song, and there is not much you can do with music notes, and I have been tearing my hair out ever since. But if I do multiple butterflies and incorporate their shape into the notes, then I could easily tweak it into something she likes.

Please reply back, for if I get no reply within a month or so I will take it as tacit consent. I will send you a picture of the finished product either way.

Keep up the good work!
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