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Anime Style coloring Tutorial

Hi, everyone! *>///<*

I just finished Persona 3 and was really inspired by pictures from it! So I wanted to draw digital art with one of my OC - Wataru. This is 'step-by-step'- tutorial!
I hope it will help you in your coloring!

And sorry for any mistakes - English isn't my first language as you know xD

Oh! And I'll reply to all your comment very soon, I feel much better now! Thank you all! :heart:
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Ah I was wondering why the artstyle reminded me of persona, and then I looked at the description and was like “oooooooooooh”

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Thank you so much for this. I’m trying to learn how to do digital painting with my drawings. Complete noob questions here: are these steps doable with other programs, like Gimp? And you say open with “Copic Multiliner 0.03”, is that when you initially take open the scan in the program?
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you just saved my life lol
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This is awesome. Where do you airbrush? I don't see it
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Thanks for the tutorial dude, it was really helpful
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Thanks you very much, this will improve my coloring
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I will add this to my fav so I can keep using it as reference xD thanks 
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Thanks for this wonderful tutorial, you helped me to colour my new picture and i love this colouring-style <3 :hug:
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Thank you, this will be a big help because I'm trying to improve on shading!! :love:
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Thank you so much! I've been looking for a tutorial for this for forever ^.^ 
Hi! Which software did you use to color??
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by yhe looks of it i think she/he uses Sai Paint 
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Now drawing anime will be easy!Thank you!
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this helped so much, thank you!
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thank you that's very helpful ^^
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Thanks for this! Very helpful hehe
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Wonderful work! Do you have a list of what exact colours you used?
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Thanks a lot!!! It´s just what I´m looking!! *w*
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this is what i need for now! if i can ask you something.

is the lineart are scanned only and then you just colored it? i mean are you doing lineart again in SAI?
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Thank you so much for this tutorial, it helped me so much with my digital anime art. Take a look if you want :D
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Haha, when I first saw this I thought it looked like Soejima's art! It's very nice :D I don't have Sai, but I'll keep this in mind next time I'm digitally painting :-3 
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This is very useful! Thank you!
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Thank you so much for making this!
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