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Sonic And Hammer

By Baitong9194
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Sonic's Piko Piko Hammer from Sonic Advance 3

ขี้เกียจลงเงาแฮะ... ลงแบบง่ายๆไปละกัน ถถถถถ

Sonic the Hedgehog (C) SEGA, Sonic Team
Art by :iconblaze-baitong:

*EDIT* Fix shadows on the hammer and title.
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Sadly, I do not trust Sonic with a piko piko hammer.

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Sonic finally gets revenge... DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!Tard Hammer Marios got a hammer :canttouchthis: 
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Amy's gonna get it!

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Uh-oh. Amy is going to be SO mad.
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Look cool friend ;)
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one question are you Thai?
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This brings back memories.
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Did anyone else notice that when you pick Sonic and Amy in Sonic Advance 3, Amy's standing and walking animations are different?
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"If it works for Ames guess a hammer could work for me."
-Oligive "Sonic" Maurice hedgehog
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HELL YEAH!! SONIC ADVANCE 3!!! :D :D :D Love Meow :3 Clap 
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ARGH! x-x'
I saw a guy posting your image, saying was he drawing this .... he's posting to everyone on facebook... search for "Danyel Paixão Lyryo "
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Cool hammer. 😊
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can i make this into a base? ill credit u and put in da description to credit u and link the original picture 

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE X100000 THE ARTWORK!!!!!!Rarity encantada Rarity encantada Rarity encantada Rarity encantada Inlove #26 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50 
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You can't turn someone's work of art into a base...
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bruh I asked xD
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Amy: Did... Did you just hold a grudge?
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Sonic: When you're a hero always remember there's a lover on the loose she is crazy and she gets scary too when her hammer is out hell she sometimes interrupt me and Sal more likely she's jealous that's why Sally is not in my games so blame Amy not me...

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I can see him taking revenge out on Amy, not hitting her but chasing her with it anyway
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