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Being heavily involved in the fan art genre, there's a few words I have to say about it. Fan art is pretty straight forward to understand it's purpose, but I think there is more depth to it than a mere cheap drawing of a character from a certain IP. From what I've seen 'til now, there are mainly two motives that drive an artist to create fan art: for self expression or for its reward.

Creating fan art for self expression is when the artist experienced one or multiple moments in an IP that made them feel a strong connection/attachment to said IP, and have the urge to translate that experience in their art. When an artist have a strong passion about a certain subject matter, more often than not an evocative, creative, and stunning works will follow. When that passion is communicated in this fashion to others who share the same love for a series, it's definitely one of the most enriching experiences out there for the audience as well as the creator. This is why hundreds of thousands of people gather at anime conventions world wide, and this is the very reason why manga, anime, movies, books, paintings, or any type of art out there are made. Fan art can be just as powerful as any other types of art out there.

When I say creating fan art for the reward, I mean when the artist has little to no experience with the IP they are drawing and is solely after the publicity and/or profit that they may gain from drawing said IP. For example, an artist draws a character from the mega hit anime/manga series One Piece because they see potential in gaining more followers on SNS by doing so, but doesn't particularly like the series and/or just straight up didn't read it. It's not like there's a moral problem here; anyone can draw anything they want whether it'd be for publicty, for money, or anything it doesn't matter those are all good things. But in this case it's fundamentally incorrect to even consider this fan art, because said artist is not a fan and there is no communication relevant to the subject matter with their work. So then what is left of their work I have to wonder? It's like writing a review of a movie without watching the movie; absolute nonsense.

I think art is essentially communication, whether it'd be self expression, a reaction, commercial purpose, etc. A fan art is a communication of a certain experience, be that a character's personality, something they said, a point of their development, a meaningful scene, etc. and I think fan artists should have more self respect for their own works than just doing it to gain more SNS followers.

Sorry for the poor language skills I'm not a writer haha I just felt like ranting 'cause it's a topic that's on my mind all the time.
I've been quite busy from the convention season and now I've been getting commissions left and right. So as good as that is; it's not looking up for my personal works. Plus I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with social media. Sorry friends, any promises are likely to be broken knowing myself but I do have good things in the works.
I think there are subtle hints to artworks as to what the artist focused on and what their mindset was. Some focus on technical skill, marketability, study, etc. and all of them can be striking, but those that show honest love for the subject matter tends to be continuously striking. Something that my own work could improve on but something that I notice the absence in many many artworks these days. It's not something that's wrong but something that's quickly losing meaning and purpose. I have to wonder if something like that can still be considered art?
    Wow it was really hard to write up the story in words but now that I’m actually in the process of drawing it out the story just comes naturally. Seeing it happen visually really does the trick to understand everything that’s going on almost at an on-site experience level and really helps me get into making it. Probably has a lot to do with me having terrible reading comprehension and being a strong visual learner. I guess it’s something obvious but when I was planning everything out in words I couldn’t notice it.

    Anyways XII Zodiac is on it’s way of actually existing haha the first chapter is probably going to be around 60 pages at this pace so that’s still going to take some time to flush out on a presentable level. I said March~April release so forgive me for the delay but I’ll do my best to get it done this month of May!
I have heard humor is a difficult aspect in writing to critique; at least in the comic/manga medium, but from the writer's perspective it's a whole other world of difficult. Humor I find is such a biased aspect more than any other aspects in writing. But it's not really surprising that it is though because so many things could influence what is funny, like context, culture, emotion, belief... actually now that I think about it, anything can influence what is funny.

I heard also that humor can be critiqued based on how much it contributes to the plot, and if it doesn't contribute to the plot it could be considered poor writing; a cheap way to provide unrelated entertainment. Made sense at first, but it feels like that's a very linear way of thinking about something so broad as humor. We don't always find humor that contribute to the plot funny, and sometimes we could find humor in something that's not even intended to be funny at all. When it comes down to it, it seems that the best I can do is write humor that I personally find funny and hope for the best... which is far from effort.

So again in hopes of referencing: what sort of humor do you find funny? What do you think is important when it comes to writing or critiquing humor?
When I watch a story play out on anime and manga, I have absolutely no clue in hell. I don't think twice about the things that happen and just follow the flow of it all thinking that's just the way it is so that's what happened. Which lead to missing out on enjoying deeper analysis of the stories and understanding them in their full potential. Instead I was left with just shallow impressions: there was no real reason, insight, or anything and I just liked them because I felt I do.
From the perspective of the audience, this may be perfectly fine because there are vastly different ways to enjoy a story. But from the writer's perspective, such a thought process is a privilege that is unforgivable. A writer must provide the audience various ways to enjoy their story, as writing in a way only enjoyable to themselves is only as good as masturbation.
Being such an audience that I am and being in a position of a writer, it's a real struggle because stories that I create turn out shallow and poor. So in hopes of referencing I'm curious about what aspects to a story you find is most critical in your enjoyment?

As a visual artist, there is no way to compromise drawing; it's the only way. Because of this the act of drawing becomes something mechanical instead of something natural. To expand on this: many times I would listen to music that puts me in trance so that I am in a mental state where I can almost unconsciously repeat the tiring amount of line strokes necessary to complete an image. The completion of an image is everything because there is zero meaning in an image that won't be seen.

On the other hand, writing a graphic novel (or comic or manga whatever) is something else entirely and puts a new perspective into drawing. The image is downright secondary and communication is absolute first priority. In fact, you can have shitty drawing skill but it would still work if communication is done right. Some good examples would be works done by One (creator of "One Punch Man") or Joo Homin (creator of "With God": a Korean webtoon about the afterlife).

This shift in priority makes the act of drawing something natural. Every single character, movement, background, etc. you draw is a direct response to conveying the story. At this point you're not trying to make a pretty picture, something that sells, or anything of the sort; you're just genuinely trying to say something.

I've seen it happen and felt it but didn't quite grasp what it is exactly that was bothering me. Now that I am in this situation where I am trying to make a graphic novel though, I can see clearer that this genuine quality is beginning to be lost in many as well as in my own art.

Just something I felt.

Hey guys I've been back from Anime Boston and now all rested and ready to do some more artist stuff haha.

First, thank you to all the good people at Boston who took the time to come by my booth, check out my works and have fun chats with me! I really enjoyed the event thanks to you guys!

Second, here I come Kawaii Kon! This convention is on next weekend and as usual I will be at the artist alley. If you're around please come by and check out my works!

Thank you for everyone who came by my booth at Toronto Comicon! It was a pleasure to have you view my works and talking! I was very tired after the con so was recovering haha it's been a while since talking to so many people at once!

This weekend I will be returning to Anime Boston! If you're around come by my booth and check out my works! Hope to see you there!

Here's where you can find me:
Hi guys I will be at Toronto Comicon this weekend in artist alley. If you're around come by my booth and check out my stuff!
hey guys i don't post art or update enough i know. so i decided to give twitter a try and see if it helps keeping the updates and posts coming. I'm thinking I will post early stage sketches and talk about more personal and casual stuff on it. check it out here:

This weekend I'll be at Toronto Comicon! My booth number is A190 which is around the middle area of artist alley. Hope to see you there!

Updates have been poor due to various work that I need to prioritize my bad. Hopefully around this week I'll have some time to show new stuff

Hi! Sorry for no updates schedule's been crazy lately my mind was overwhelmed X_X Anyways still one more con left which is Fan Expo (booth A157) in Toronto this weekend! Hope to see you all there! 
Hi! I posted some selection of sketches ranging from 2011 to 2014 on tumblr. Check it out here!

Also come check out my prints at Los Angeles' Anime Expo next weekend located in table L25:

Hi just wanted to let you know you can now follow me on tumblr as well :D I will probably post finished works there by seasonal bundle and maybe I can use it to post doodles, WIP or something I'm not sure.

Anyways I'm gonna try to finish up some more images before spring ends and for Los Angeles' Anime Expo in July! There's still about a month worth of time so this is just a heads up, but I'm super excited to once again become a part of yet another huge anime event. I hope to see you there!
I can't thank everyone enough at this point. Everyone, not a single person excluded, made the amazing time possible. I met so many great people and had such a blast it's unbelievable that was only 2 weekends worth of time. 

Thank you everyone for being who you are and sharing your awesomeness with everyone else and myself. If I am to be allowed, I will definitely keep coming back. Cheers!

Thank you everyone from TCC! I had lots of fun talking to people who came by my table and meeting/hanging with super cool artist friends! It was really sad to depart with everyone at the end though, but I guess there's always next time.

Anyway I have a bit of new works to upload so I'll be doing that real soon. I have some previews of them on my facebook page and 2 sketches done at the con (some I couldn't get a picture) so check 'em out!

People of CON-G you guys are amazing thank you for everything!

I must say I didn't expect too much from this con due to the pretty rural location, but I was wrong big time. The artists, cosplayers, staffs, and everyone there was just so kind and fun I could not possibly ask for more. Of course cannot forget the people who took a glance, commented, and purchased my works! I wouldn't even be able to do this without you guys thank you all so very much for supporting an amateur artist like myself. 

I must apologize as well for the lack of new prints since the last conventions. That FFXIII contest that began like week before and was due on day of CON-G (hell of a timing) just had to take priority above personal works, and sacrificing the quality of my personal works just to make it for the convention was not an option, but enough of excuses.

Next stop is TORONTO COMIC CON on March 7th! This time new prints are sure to appear as I'm nearly done with couple of them. I can't wait to see everyone there pretty sure it'll be a blast!

Thank you again, 'til next time and cheers!

EDIT: some sketches are uploaded on my facebook page! check 'em out!
i knew it... f***ing knew it. Imaishi Hiroyuki (Director of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking) is f***ing killing it with Kill la Kill... so f***ing proud of this man (manly tears). A hero of the anime industry! it's a grand time to be an otaku right now. please check out Kill la Kill if you haven't and spread the word!
Hi I'm still alive and sorry for no image to be honest I've been slacking... Been into figure collecting recently so some of my time went there, as for the rest: anime, game, and just otaku stuff in general really haha. I don't know about you but winter really makes me slack.

But yeah I'll be going to CON-G so images will start popping at least before then. If you're going to CON-G and want to share hotel, contact me here through note or my email (