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Hunter's Moon Event - Pack Tartarus

The moon comes up,
The sun goes down,
And when the moon comes up,
Then that's when I start to growl...
Pretty baby do you like what you see?
Cause there's a werewolf living inside of me,
And then I growl....
Yeah, pretty baby, I start to growl,
Pretty baby, you best not come around when I start to growl...


Trick or treat...will you give them candy?
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This is soo cool C: that kid in the front reminds me of donnie darko haha :heart:
CorrosiveFool's avatar
Ah I love your humans! Please to be posting more :D
BlueAppleEat's avatar
Yeeeeah, he looks just like me on helloween *,* brother!
shashia's avatar
Take the whole bucket, take it! D8
DawnsBreak's avatar
This is Halloween,
This is Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween.

Bailiwick's avatar
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
hellcorpceo's avatar
This is awesome and you are awesome.
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RedWolfmoon's avatar
.... Hm... Trick.
*pulls pin out of grenade and tosses it into bag, closing front door and walking away*
hellcorpceo's avatar
Good job blowing up the front of your house then, I guess.
RedWolfmoon's avatar
Whoever said it was -my- house? XD
hellcorpceo's avatar
So you're just . . . wandering around other people's houses, with a bag full of live grenades?

You may not have thought this through.
RedWolfmoon's avatar
What, you've never broke into someone's house and made yourself a sandwich or something, sat and watched tv, chilled and then left before they came home?

And Naturally I'd keep grenades with me, would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it ^^
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that looks EPIC
dracothrope's avatar
Wow, that's awesome. :D Yay for group shots!
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