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Esel the Spectacled Bear



My humans definitely need more work, but here is Esel, my spectacled bear 'taur for :iconvalley-of-siyyon:! He's an Omega...for now.

Come join! It's a really fun art challenge and world and the community is sweet as sugar. :) I can't wait to draw more for this!

EDIT: Info since he's all in the community now....

Territory Name: ESURIEN
Character Name: Esel
Character Species: Spectacled Bear (also known as an Andean Bear).
Rank: Omega
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Powers/Abilities: None.
Brief Character History/Description: Esel is a fun loving, nearly hyperactive spectacled bear 'taur. He's friendly...a little overly friendly and is perhaps far too cheerful and optimistic for his own good. And enthusiastic...a little too enthusiastic. He'll scramble his way into your life and make a happy mess out of it. He always has good intentions, but they always go just a tad awry. Okay, maybe really awry.

Esel has lived in Esurian all his life, of course, happily eating berries and vegitation and small birds and the like and gallomphing haphazardly through the land. He is a rule-obiding, somewhat oblivious denizen of the omnivore territory and is currently tearing through many challenges to become a higher rank.
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Really well done! I don't think your humans need especially much more work, though :-)
I would have wanted a beartaur human part to be more... bear-y, thicker.
Also, the claws of your standing bear looks like they are bend backwards, or curved... I'd prefer them a bit more straight, like fingers on a relaxed hand, resting on the butt of the hand