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Plush Homestuck Horns Tutorial

A very simple tutorial on lightweight costume horns for those wishing to make them on a budget and with little time.

Finished horns: [link]

Note: This was written for an absolute beginner, so don't take offense to me explaining a lot of things.
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th4nk y0u f0r th1s

but h0w d0 y0u m4k3 0n3s w1th mult1pl3 h0rns?
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UPD4T3! 1 F1N1SH4D TH3M! th3y l00k k1nd4 p4th3t1c, th0ugh. m4yb3 b3c4us3 1 h4nd s3w3d th3m... 1dk...
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Hello I would just love to say that your tutorial was very helpful and it helped me a lot in making my Nepeta and Aradia horns. Thank you very much!
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Instead of covering it with carboard in step four, I made my horn a bit longer so i used a blanket stitch to close the red around the headband, then secured it with tacky glue.
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dude thank you for this tutorial!!

i'm making condesce horns for a con next year and i wouldn't be able to handle her giant ass horns all day so plush ones seem a lot more reasonable!!! <3
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Hey no problem!! I wish you luck at your con (and p.s. the horns double as pillows depending on size, haha) xD
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fun thing that you could put a squeaky toy inside. :33
Thanks so much! I needed to make lightweight horns for my Kankri cosplay and this is perfect!
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This is amazing! I really needed a method to make light weight horns.
Whaou awesome ! I would like to do this for my Ampharos gijinka cosplay, with headband, if you see what i would do ! I finally found a tutorial about the thing i would do, i didn't know how to realize it ! Thanks for the tutorial :)
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well right after i just made mine out of clay
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Thanks dude. You don't know how helpful this is. I really needed to know how to make plush horns for this Karkat hoodie that I'm working on.
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Yay! I think a hoodie would be super cool. Glad to help :)
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ahhh thank youuu!! :0 <3
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this is really interesting because a while ago I was trying to make this nepeta hat and instead of making horns out of clay and cutting holes in the hat I wanted to make plush horns and just pin them on (so the hat can be used as human stuck as well) but i looked around and couldn't find any tutorials for some reason?? anyways I ended up doing a LOT of math to figure out how to make these goddanng horns and it was hard and I wish I had found this earlier ^^
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Thank you for your comment :) I hope this is helpful to you. It can be applied to any kind of horns too. I think a homestuck hat would be so cool :0
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This 'seams' easy! //haha fabric pun// I'm going to 'tie' it! //that one wasn't good :/
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haha aww c: well done. I am a knit-wit when it comes to being punny ;3
Would you happen to know how to make plush Aradia horns?
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I think it would work but you might need extra support.
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=KurisuKitten this looks like something easy for your Nepeta horns
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