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Name: Alexei Landon (Alexei Smirnov)
Gender: Male

He's quiet and fun to hang out with.

He is the only son of the mafia boss. Due to his father's background, his mother changed his last name for the safety of her son. When he was young, Alexei has no friends in school and always hangs out by himself. One day, someone came to him wearing a friendly smile, introduced himself and asks if he can hang out with him. Days came by they became best friends. Alexei was very happy that he has a best friend and will usually tell his mother his day and the fun he had. His mother was almost got killed by a rival mafia and she cannot walk anymore because the incident. Because of this, his father decided to move back to Russia and Alexei didn't even get to say goodbye to his best friend.

When he turned 16, Alexei was trained by his fathers personal body guard to be prepared for he will take over his fathers position as the new mafia boss.
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