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essentially a continuation of [link] & [link] , just with my youngest brother instead of the redhead. ^^

i know it's nothing new or exciting (especially coming from me, haha), nor is it compositionally perfect, but it was literally a spontaneous shot and i just love their expressions so much. :heart:


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This is powerfully strong

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Beautiful! Have you tried this in black and white too?
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Both beautiful people.
The eyes and the freckles are simply gorgeous.
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Hello dear member of :iconthepeopleavenue:

your lovely photo has been featured in our monthly news article: FACES FOR YOU! [link]

Congrats :iconcongratsplz: and thanks for sharing :)
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this is so powerful
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I love ur work :)
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Gorgeous. :-) So intense...
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They look indigo-y
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I just ADORE freckles. xDD
Just a question, the eye colour on the left brother, what would you call it? The right brother has like a deep chocolate brown colour to them.

Sorry I'm a writer and these brothers remind me of two of my characters that are twins. I'm always at a loss when it comes to eye colours and the brother on the left has said eye colour. So if you didn't mind telling me what you think they are, I'd be SO grateful.

And they're your BROTHERS?! Like holy smokes! They'll grow up to be handsome young men. The girls will be after them for sure. LOL :D
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when i look at this pic all i can think of is, why do people on this planet hate each other so much? idk its a mystery why we don't see each other as equals
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You've really nailed those expressions - great image
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Wow you guys have bewitching eyes.
T-R-I-T-O-N's avatar
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One word. Amazing!
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the eyes in all your photographs seem to stand out :) again, another beautiful shot x
Gorgeous! The boy on the left looks like a younger version of my boyfriend... same freckles, same hair, same dazzling eyes *_*
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Ohh they're so cute ^^
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... Omgee. The boy on the left looks just like Mordred in the Merlin serie. *__*
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Waaaaaaaa!! I :heart: freckles!!
These kids are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. ...and girls will be mad about them when they grow up! :D:giggle::giggle::D
The one at the right would easily make an actor..:)
God bless!
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You're welcome!
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Your amazing artwork has been featured in my website under the title "60 Adorable Portraits of Children" [link]
Be sure to check it out, and tell all your friends through Twitter or Facebook :D
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