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So Ive been really reaally bad about posting my work on DA for pretty much the last year.  Ive got a fair backlog of work that Ill be posting starting today.  Sorry for the inbox spam!

Ill start with the character Ive been working on for a while now, Cosette, in her dragon and human forms.
Then it will be surface shading type things in general.  And whatever else Ive missed.  Ill try to be more prompt with my posting work.

Generally, the most updated place for my work is my website: bahr3dcg 
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3D Logo Commission: OPEN

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 25, 2012, 12:37 PM

I am opening up commissions for 3D logo design.  

That is to say:  You can provide either sketches or an already made 2D logo, and I will create it in 3D, render it beautifully, ensure you are happy with the colors, light, etc,
then provide you with the transparency enabled logo is any requested size (up to 2700x1500px).

The programs used will be Maya 2013, Keyshot 3, and Photoshop CS6.

I will ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed, and that you receive your logo within days!

We will have to discuss payment options individually so as to best meet your needs.

(Note that I will be updating this journal with more links to examples of 3d logos that I have done for previous clients, when I compile them into one file.)

Please note me with commission requests, and please comment with more general questions about commissions!


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3D Animation Rendering Frenzy

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 22, 2012, 1:52 PM

So I have done quite a bit of 3D work in the last 5 days.  I did 2 animations, 3 still images, and some photoshop stuff.

First up was a new turntable animation featuring my OC Haruka.  You can watch it here

Next is a turntable of My popular Dodecahedron Ruby still render.

The original: Dodecahedron Ruby by Bahr3DCG

The Animation:

And for Still renders:

Caramel Apple, a render of my custom Eye texture, this time colored like a candy apple.  

A royal Crown: Royal Crown by Bahr3DCG

A skyscraper: 3D Skyscraper X1 by Bahr3DCG

I appreciate all feedback, favourites of my work, and especially sharing!  Visit my website at!

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Memorial Day Weekend

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2012, 11:07 PM

So, I have not been able to do as much art as I have been meaning to lately.  Time is working against me!  But this weekend I will escape from work, and everything to spend four days at Dillons Beach, CA.  It is my favorite place in this world, and I love spending time there!  This means a few things:

First, I will be able to relax!  Finally recover from all the hard work and stress of work, and rest easy knowing that college is paid for, I have an apartment, and college is starting in 2 weeks, with no issues!
Second, I will be able to draw!  The beach is my favorite place to draw, and Ill finally get more practice!
Third, Photography!  I will take my Canon EOS10d and get some awesome shots of the sunsets, waves, and more!

And, lastly, I will be able to work on my 3D modeling and rendering!  With no work, and no internet, to distract me, I will be able to work on some projects ive been meaning to finish.  Such as Illya, the Battle Maiden; Bauss with a katana; a girl in a sundress, and maybe even more!

Here are some of my recent works:
Sakura Shirasaya by Bahr3DCG Barron Sunset by Bahr3DCG Katana V2 by Bahr3DCG

I love comments and critiques on all of my work, and they are greatly appreciated!  Your feedback helps me grow as an artist!

Please check out my new website at Bahr3DCG

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My Current Set of Projects

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 20, 2012, 9:01 AM

Hi there!

So I have a few projects that I have been dying to do, so I am doing them.

First and most difficult is a modern styled villa that I will render photo realistically.  A tall order indeed!  But the model is coming along well, and I am taking Digital Tutors classes on realistic rendering.  If you have any ideas for the project, let me know!

Second, I've been wanting to do some more character art.  My vision right now is a woman with long hair and a white or yellow sundress in a lush field, with her hands outstretched towards the camera, or spread wide like she is dancing in the sunlight.  I want the dress to be ncloth, so it looks realistic, and fortunately I already know how to do that!

Third, I want to try using Adobe After Effects to make a 3D/2D composite.  I dont know what the composite will be of yet, but I know I want to try it!

So these are the main projects I am working on.  If you have any ideas or tips or anything really, comment on this post!

Here are my most recent Deviations!

Precious Gemstone Collection by Bahr3DCG    Suspended Blue Rose by Bahr3DCG  

Thanks for your time!
Weston Bahr

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I was just accepted in to Ex'Pressions College for Digital Arts last night! I will be starting school for a bachelors degree in Animation and Visual effects mid september!  Im very excited to get my plans for my future successes in progress!  Now I just need to worry about scholarships and actually funding my college years!  In any case, I am working a lot more nowadays, which is good, but then again makes for a boring spring break!  School starts again soon, and that is NOT something I am looking forwards too!

I'd really love to be doing more 3D artwork, but school and work is getting in the way :(  I'll be trying to do a project weekly, but we will see!

If you are reading this, please take a gander through my gallery! !  I love getting comments, especially with constructive criticism or suggestions as to how I can improve my work!

Thanks a bunch!
Weston Bahr
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I just finished a new animation!!! Check it out on my youtube channel!…
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Lets see.... models that I am working on at the moment...

I am working on a detailed SCAR-H assault rifle using Maya.  One of my favorite rifles. ETA: 1 week

I am also working on a longer term project, a very detailed model of Gundam 00-Exia from the anime series Gundam 00.  ETA: who know! this one is tough!
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