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BrokenD smear
Broken'D smear
Another attempt rises from swirls of colour...
Last time I wondered if the next attempt
Would revive this dying tale?
Another excuse blots the page...
You can't seem to keep it going,
So you close your eyes and keep dreaming soundly,
Only to wake up and realise that
Nothing has changed.
Meaning to add more,
Yet I keep hitting a wall.
Must be the same old reason:
'I can't seem to think anymore.'
Nothing has changed and all I can do is hope that his,
Day will one day return when I awake.
:iconbahns:Bahns 2 3
sHeD idea
Shed idea
I tried writing a story a while ago...
A story about a young man entering the life of adulthood as a stranger...
A stranger to those around him...
A stranger to the society he existed in...
A stranger to himself.
I tried a while ago to portray his final acts as a protagonist,
Following a path winding along uncertain times.
It started where it left off,
He was alone,
He was lost,
But he was alive.
I tried to send him into that inevitable road,
But then the road, his journey, fell into nothing.
For a while, a long while, he has hung in suspension.
The strings which have pulled him have snapped,
For a long time he has been trapped,
In limbo awaiting the path to reveal its way,
But for a long time he had had no say.
As is the writers greatest flaw,
To fall into nothing, forever more?
The world left by the void
Remains in my dreams,
Until my eyes open.
Thoughts disappear,
Head stirs:  
'When will I be able to write again?'
'I must be able to think of somethi
:iconbahns:Bahns 1 6
Writer's Confession
August 2007
I felt compelled to write this. I fear that I will not have another opportunity, my mind hasn't been this clear in ages, and if I were to delay now… my feelings will never be heard.  
As a writer I am… have been… in a unique position. I had the power to create characters and portray the world in a light of my choosing, with rules defined only by me. I was God, for my choice determined whether a character lived or died, found love or walked alone, achieved his or her goal or failed it miserably. A single defining moment could be formed in a matter of seconds which could make or break a future lasting many years if not more. They were at my mercy; my will alone shaped their future. Yet you, the reader, also shape my world in your own way. While my words exist as a platform of ideas, your memories and experiences will add new meanings to it which will let it unfold uniquely. What you see in your mind when you read is yours and yours alone, it ca
:iconbahns:Bahns 1 3
Dark sign - 2
Dark Sign – The Second night
Notes/ transcripts thrown together on a table, under flickering and uncertain lamplight.  
'It wasn't just my eyes playing tricks on me… he definitely changed into that monstrous creature… a hybrid of man and wolf… am I right, please tell me I'm right… I wasn't just imagining those things, I'm not crazy, you believe me, don't you?
'…Voices touched with the heaviest of emotions, images riddled with uncertainty and regret, the running pain. Yeah, that's about it in a nutshell… It all sinks deep into everything I do and stalks me with a vengeance, as if I did something wrong. Ha! I didn't do anything wrong, what more could I have done! Those damn people just slept whilst I actually did the sensible thing and left the bus to check. Good job guys, now you're all dead. Ha, what idiots! You even tried to run me down, but you messed up there as well. I've got the last laugh… whoever killed y
:iconbahns:Bahns 0 0
Writer's Meme by Bahns Writer's Meme :iconbahns:Bahns 1 17 Fugitive night by Bahns Fugitive night :iconbahns:Bahns 0 4
Dark sign - 1
Dark sign – The forsaken night
Signs lead us towards our futures through many possible choices. One road inevitably leads to another and from that a limitless network is formed and will forever grow beyond the bounds of imagination. We all interpret signs differently, either by their literal meaning or implied - Literal in the case of a message passed on to you by worded signs or by the words of others – Implied in the case of unexplainable coincidences which conflict or clarify with an internal concern – in both cases it will never quite be the same, and many choices, if not all, are irreversible.
My concern… is on getting back my path, one which has been torn away from me, and desecrated, and stained with the flow of life that can never be removed. I must save myself, for there is no one else who can.
-Night – Bus 524 – Desert route
Our bus was on its way to the airport on schedule and the whole affair felt so mundane that perhaps I would trust t
:iconbahns:Bahns 0 8
A diary is ones way of preserving past events, so as to recount them later, or as to leave an unyielding legacy to the world in order to be kept in living memory. To leave one’s mind in the world when the clock chimes 12...
The gears of time are unceasing… Flesh and blood inevitably become bone and dust and the cycle goes on and on… Until all that is left is a pile of bones…and even they will suffer from time’s unrelenting hand, a hand that spares nothing and no one.
For when all the dust and chaos has settled upon the barren globe and the sun has transcended beyond its final horizon, there may not be a man to tell the story of how life had…. Had….
…Never seemed to glow with so much life, yet appear so dark at the same time… *
Now its time I leave my mark, just in case of the worst…

I confide on paper my feelings… so that at least a part of me will remain when I am gone…
Years have passed and I’ve moved on fro
:iconbahns:Bahns 1 9
Curse of Days
Curse of days
Standing from a distance nothing seems astray,
The man simply sees a ruined house which has seen better days.
He’s heard stories that it fell victim to a tragic demise,
Caused by a plague of death and lies.
Once bright white walls are now blackened by the hate,
That filled the house on that unforgettable date.
Windows, long shattered, floor boards, rotted away,
All caught up in a storm of utter decay.
He wonders how its secrets are still unsolved.
He wonders why he still wants to be involved.
Nothing can change the simple truth,
That those people had died, and so did his youth.
Yet he makes a bold move towards the door,
Drawn by a feeling he cannot ignore,
That perhaps that day he would find the light,
To illuminate his life, to end the everlasting night.
He enters slowly with a nervous twitch,
Fearing the doubt being more than a simple itch.
For in his mind he recalls those faces
Of those long departed in all those enclosed places.
A group of poor souls had h
:iconbahns:Bahns 1 4
Prelude to fall by Bahns Prelude to fall :iconbahns:Bahns 0 2 Map - Termina by Bahns Map - Termina :iconbahns:Bahns 1 9 He be the Reaper by Bahns He be the Reaper :iconbahns:Bahns 0 12 Sixth Struck by Bahns Sixth Struck :iconbahns:Bahns 0 8
Tragic Hero - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: On the other side | />////>
- Pier -
So many sounds...
I can hear engines, people walking, people talking, water flowing, birds calling…
The world… is alive… yet…

My eyes flickered open and feelings of uncertainness flooded my mind as everything appeared blurred and unclear.
Why… do I feel so disorientated? Shouldn’t it be-?
I looked to the right and my eyes traced the distorted surroundings until it finally became clear, revealing the surface of soggy wooden planks until they were fixed on my watch.
9:15 A.M.
My watch seems to fit with the time of day… It’s still working… But why am I lying down again?

The day had gone on; I had fallen asleep again after reading that note and being reminded about ‘those things’. Knowing that I couldn’t lie down all day I rose up slowly, one step at a time, and wondered how long I had been out of action this time. I brushed the dirt and grime from my
:iconbahns:Bahns 0 8
Tragic Hero - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Tangle with death
I opened my eyes. I had passed through the rift since the momentary silence and darkness faded away to reveal a sight so stunning yet so familiar, I couldn’t help but marvel it first and foremost before anything else.
I was met by the sight of an expansive quiet town lit up by a regimented order of lampposts that reminded me of Venice or Amsterdam at night making me feel like I hadn’t left home after all. Buildings of various size and age, many also fitting the Venetian description, snaked along a web of narrow canals with white cobbled bridges passing over the water here and there. Many I noticed had red tiled roofing and I could even see several balconies overlooking the canals. In the distance I could make out the coast where a large variety of boats, large and small, were docked. I tried to observe more but an unusual feeling was rising within me and one I couldn’t easily ignore. From my viewpoint everything seemed awfully small.
:iconbahns:Bahns 0 2
Tragic Hero - Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Roadblock
Wednesday 5th September 2007
11:12 P.M. - Mission Control

The clamour of success had dyed down and a single figure left the room.
After seeing Unit Two depart, Steve returned to his office on floor 65 to contemplate on what had happened and what was yet to come.
He sat back in his steady black leather chair and rummaged for something else he had saved for this particular occasion. It was hidden away in the bottom draw of his desk and after pushing aside a few files he found what he was looking for. He took out two items; one was an empty glass goblet, the other a bottle of gin. He wasn’t an alcoholic, but when he felt this bad he would rely on the drink to wash the feelings away. He had been saving these two things for an occasion like this. It had been a long time coming.
He unscrewed the top of the bottle clumsily and poured enough to fill the goblet to the brim, spilling a bit in his haste, without even bothering to replace the top. He wou
:iconbahns:Bahns 0 8


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United Kingdom
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Apologies for the DA silence over the last couple of weeks, I graduated from uni, have been catching up on a bit of r&r, enjoying the sweltering hot weather and doing more resting. ^^;

I'll continue my writing when I find a gap of time, but for the time being I have a lot going on in RL which is taking up all my time.
Hope you're all having a great summer.



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