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If you are interested, send me note or email.
If you've asked me some before we can negotiate the price.
The final work will have my author signature (in a corner that will not disturb)
The final work will be owned by the client for the use to which it want to give
All work must be sent in digital format by email.
Prepayment of 50%
All payment are by using "PAYPAL"
I only accept U.S. Dollars and Euros
I Draw:
Mammals, birds, Dragons and reptiles
Some Digimons
Chibis (-50%)
Adult art
I don't draw:
excessive muscle
Robots, mechas etc
meme (by jolijacques)--->…

1. Introduce yourself/your character! What song would be your/their introduction theme?
Yuko, a wolf of fire. Theme: Dangerous:…
2. Any way to describe your/their job or how you/they feel about it? Do you/they have a job?
I have no job right now, Spain is going to hell. theme: fiesta pagana (pagan festival)…
3. How do you/they feel towards your/their parents, if you/they do or do not have them?
I have them, but it is as if one, they pass me and I pass them. Theme: secret-megurine luka
4. What do you/they like to do as a hobby or on your/their free time?
draw and do crazy. Theme: A lo loco (wildly)…
5. What does the inside of your/their head sound like? Do we even want to know?
my head sounds like this ---> theme: trick or treat (not vocaloid)…
6. Does your/their mental state reflect that?
7. What song makes you/them want to smash your/their head against a wall?
guitchi guitchi go!
8. You/they are falling down a hole into nothingness. What goes through your/their head?
nyan cat? O.o…
9. You/they have been invited to participate on a local game show with the chance to win $100,000!
La reina de marte (Queen of Mars)…
10. You/they are on a roller coaster when it suddenly malfunctions and suddenly goes flying off the tracks!
WTF!!?? O___O|||  . theme: canción susto (scare song):…
11. How do you/they feel about clowns?
i love clowns: P Theme: crazy clown…
12. You/they get pulled over by a police officer for driving recklessly and that your/their music was "too loud, disruptive and inappropriate". What were you/they listening to? Do you/they go to court to fight the ticket?
I don't want problems, pay the fine. Music: mlp op theme xDDDDD…
13. You/they are making dinner and are about to add the main ingredient, when it misses the pan and lands on the cold, dirty kitchen floor.
I pick it up and leave it on the table again, "still can eat." .___.  Theme: Funny dolls (rozen maiden)…
14. The coolest thing possible just happened to you/them. Reaction?
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ºwº Theme: pon pon pon…
15. Talk to my mustache because it hears you, and it listens to you.
I do not understand, mustache? theme: mamá (mom)…
16. Any religion or spiritual practice you/they associate yourself/themselves with? If not, perfectly fine!
I am a Buddhist ._.  theme: como las otras quiero ser (I want to be like the other)…
17. You/they come home to find that your/their worst nightmare has become part of reality and is sitting in the living room, on the couch, with a cold beer. What is this nightmare, and what do you/they do?!
hem ... Freddy Krueger with a ballerina dress? jajajajjajajajajajaja xDDDDDD ok, no.
My worst nightmare would be in the street surrounded by people and no place to hide, that would be a nightmare for me : ( theme: hide and seek
18. Pineapples have taken over the universe!
WTF!! (bad apple)…
19. The Grim freaking Reaper or some other psychopomp is digging through your/their music collection, criticizing your/their taste! They take a random CD/MP3 file and smash it/delete it! Which CD/MP3 file do you/they hope it's not?
gagnam style…
20. You/they are laying in bed, sleeping, when something creeps under the sheets with you/them and you/they have no idea what it is.
imagination forest…
21. Your/their RAGE song.
22. Why should you/they never be crossed?
? Pierrot nºV…
23. If you/they were in a video game, what would your/their theme be?
The Full Course for Candy Addicts…
24. Your/their end credits?
no :P
Looking for someone who wants to do art trade with me.
I'm bored and I thought "everybody does it, why not me?" xD
So here if anyone wants it let me know that. : D
Especies de animales:
El nombre del personaje
Tipo fursuits (traje completo o parcial (no quadsuit, lo siento)
caricatura o  de tipo realista?
Seleccione un estado de ánimo / personalidad:
la boca abierta o cerrada:
mandíbula movible o fija:
Las expresiones faciales.

enviar un correo electrónico a junto con una foto de su fursona

el exceso de color = más tela  = MÁS CARO

Lo sentimos, no uso spray
Animal species:
Name the character
Fursuit type (full or partial costume (do not quadsuit, sorry)
caricature or realistic type suit?
Select a mood / personality:
mouth open or closed:
Movable or fixed jaw:
Facial expressions.

send email to along with a picture of his fursona

excess of most fabric color = = MORE EXPENSIVE

sorry, do not use spray
Contact me directly to my mail:
not guarantee immediate response.
commissions and price list can be found here ->…
request form can be found here ->…
price list

I do not work for adults

color character maps $ 7.50
characters with light and shadow $ 8.50
very detailed illustrations, $ 10

$ 2.50 icons and avatars
small pictures with transparent background $ 3

highly detailed characters (wings, tattoos etc) are subject to additional price)
payment to finish the job
if the subject you want to cancel the commission to do so before finishing the drawing
because of my schedule and way of working tarry one to three days
put () with x

type of commission

() Digital art
() Traditional Art
() With shadow and light
() color plano
() Icon
() Avatar
() Small drawing with transparent background

other details ---> post other details

send email with an image or description of your fursona or whatever you want to
today I angry at the red fox
I mean Fer
is a heavy is thought to have my every time the computer bothers :@
I need not explain further right? xD

lineart (traditional art) $ 7.94
lineart (digital art) $ 14.56
full color (colors) $ 21.18
Full color (light and dark) $ 23.83
adult content -> normal price + $ 1.32