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The little Poochyena Pochy wanderer named town aimlessly Through treasure.
Had I just lost Had His mother and no one in the world.
At That Time, Pochy, Who Was hungry, saw the bazaar keckleon and Decided to approach to ask a small apple.
- Sorry gentlemen Kecleon could give me a small apple? - Said Pochy
- Clear small Poochyena are 5 pokes - responded Kecleon
- But ... I have no money - said Pochy sad
- Then ... GO HERE! NO MONEY NO APPLES! - Shouted angry Kecleon
- Goodbye ... - Said in a whisper the hungry Pochy
Pochy came to poke-guild, there were a lot of pokemon explorers, thought maybe I could join one to at least have a place to sleep but then I conclude that there was no one ... she was alone ...
- I'm going to do now? - Said very sad Pochy
- HELP! - Shouted a very nervous eevee
- What happens? - Asked concerned Pochy
- It's my friend, Pichy, has abducted an Aerodactyl
- Aerodactyl but do nothing unless they cause ... - Tried to explain Pochy
- Well ... were playing on the mountain which had its nest y. .. I want to wake up without a header, and I have a bruise to prove it - he said very sad eevee
- It'll help, I'm not very strong but I'll try - said becoming the bravest Pochy
next chapter:
The great rescue Pidgey, a story begins
a small (very small xD) fic about my fellow explorer
I hope you like it (my English is not very good, sorry)
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December 3, 2010
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